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RMN Bowl Pick 'Em Update: The Killin' Time 'til Midnight Edition

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The last of the four games today has just finished, so let's go ahead and update the scores one more time in 2010.

Bill C. is sitting at 27-16, a half game in front of M7Tiger and golf2804, who are both 27-17.  There is now a group of nine folks who are just back from them at 26-18.  Ausgiano is still rocking the bottom of the barrel at 11-33, but closed the gap on theWizard, who is just one game ahead.  Former champ D-Sing is at 19-25 and the Coin Flip is beating me by a game at 21-23.  TiK deserves some props, as he's come from well back and damn near at the bottom earlier to .500.

Here is a link to the full standings

We will reserve the other stuff for tomorrow.  For now, Happy New Year (again) to all and to all a good night.