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Saturday Live Thread No. 1

Alright, there is no Mizzou Football and no Mizzou Basketball today, but there is a ton going on.  I will be starting a new live thread before the 4:00 Mizzou-Northwestern volleyball game (because, if you didn't notice yet, Mizzou pulled off potentially the biggest first-round upset -- in terms of seeding -- in the history of the NCAA Volleyball Tournament last night).  Otherwise, I will simply be starting a new thread anytime we go over 400 comments.  Do we get just two threads today?  Three?  Seventeen?  Let's find out.  Time for the RMN to either a) show what it's made of or b) show that, collectively, it has no life.  However you want to look at it.

Week 14 Picks!

The picks have done much better in recent weeks, though I had to battle to hit .500 last week.


Arizona State +6 Arizona | Arizona by 4.6 (!) (WIN)


Northern Illinois -17 Miami-OH | NIU by 21.0 (LOSS)
Illinois -5 Fresno State | Illinois by 13.5 (LOSS)



Rutgers +20 at West Virginia | WVU by 30.4
SMU +9.5 vs Central Florida | UCF by 5.3
Pittsburgh +2 at Cincinnati | Pitt by 10.1


Troy -4.5 at Florida Atlantic | Troy by 2.0


Utah State +39.5 at Boise State | Boise by 54.8
Nevada -10 at Louisiana Tech | Nevada by 14.9
(Nevada +5 Letdown Game)


Oregon -16.5 at Oregon State | Oregon by 7.5


Auburn -4.5 vs South Carolina | Auburn by 7.0


San Jose State +13.5 at Idaho | Idaho by 9.6


Middle Tennessee +5 at SUN BELT CHAMPIONS Florida International | FIU by 19.1


Washington -6.5 at Washington State | Washington by 9.9


Florida State +4 vs Virginia Tech | Va Tech by 4.2 (!)


Connecticut +1 at South Florida | USF by 9.3
Oklahoma +3.5 vs Nebraska | Oklahoma by 3.8 (!)
(Big 12 +17 Sports God)


USC -6.5 at UCLA | USC by 13.0
UNLV +34.5 at Hawaii | Hawaii by 34.1 (!)

So if these picks hold (and they probably won't), it's Oregon-Auburn for the national title, TCU-Wisconsin in the Rose, WVU-Va Tech in the Orange (probably), Arkansas-Ohio State in the Sugar (probably) and Oklahoma-???? in the Fiesta.  My own personal guess, anyway.

(And yes, I totally expect Nebraska to win the Big 12, just as reinforcement that the sports gods hate the Big 12.)