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Mizzou Links, 2-1-10

Being that I didn't throw some links together yesterday, you get a monster set today...

Mizzou > OSU

Plus...from the Trib: Bruins' Kreklow comfortable playing at Mizzou Arena

Big 12 Links

Weatherspoon Shines at Senior Bowl

Plus...from the Missourian: Justin Smith records sack in Pro Bowl!

Recruiting Links

  • The Trib: Happy to wait for Richardson

    Judging by his production, Richardson’s detour hasn’t been a dead end. Despite playing with what he diagnosed as a minor knee injury and a thigh contusion, Richardson earned first-team All-California Region II honors after leading his team with 65 tackles and 17 tackles for loss. He also posted three sacks, deflected two passes, recovered a fumble and blocked a kick.


    If Richardson’s path goes according to plan, he’ll arrive at Missouri with three years to complete three seasons of eligibility. And if that happens, Missouri’s defensive line will add one of the best prospects Danny Heitert has ever seen.


    “Let me put it this way, he ran things down from behind as well as Justin Smith, and he was better at the point of attack,” Heitert said. “He was better than Grant Wistrom, and that’s saying something.

    “He was the best three-point stance player ever. Ever.”

    The Trib: Tigers show they can come up big
  • PowerMizzou: 2011 stars talk junior day
  • Daily Oklahoman (Barry Tramel): Behind recruiting curtain's Pre-Season FAQ links

Plus, a Trib baseball link to boot: What do we have here?

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Women's Basketball Kansas Secures 61-59 Win Over Mizzou
    The Trib: Missouri women can't catch a break
    The Missourian: Women's basketball makes late charge but falls short
  • Mizzou Gymnastics
    The Missourian: Shire, Burke bolster Missouri gymnastics team


  • NY Times: Colleges Prepare for Ripple Effects as Big Ten Studies Expansion
    (And no, there was nothing realistic whatsoever to the "Pitt to Big Ten?" rumors yesterday. It's still going to be a while)