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Mizzou Links, 2-18-10


And a bonus basketball link of the nerd variety: KC Star's Upon Further Review blog asks...does EFF work for college players?

Big 12 Links

  • Kansas State 91, Nebraska 87 Clemente scores 18 of 21 in second half as Kansas State survives
    KC Star: K-State holds off Nebraska 91-87
  • Oklahoma State 69, Iowa State 64 Oklahoma St. 69, Iowa St. 64
    Daily Oklahoman: Obi Muonelo, Oklahoma State hold off Iowa State
  • Colorado 77, Oklahoma 67 Colorado 77, Oklahoma 67
    The Ralphie Report: Colorado Takes Care of Oklahoma at Home
    Daily Oklahoman: Oklahoma falls to Colorado, remains winless on road in Big 12 play


Other Mizzou Links


  • The Rivalry, Esq.: The Death of the Big 12 Conference
  • Orlando Sentinel: Texas is THE big fish and the other rules of college football Radical Superconference Realignment
  • Orlando Sentinel: Radical Conference Realignment, Part II: It's a brand-name game

And this is in no way sports-related, but since we've discussed Roger Ebert before, I have to make sure everybody's seen just the wonderfully gut-wrenching Esquire article on Ebert. So tough to read in parts, so wonderfully rewarding in others.