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The "Fran Fraschilla Does a Mizzou Game" Drinking Game

We discussed this on Saturday night, and after some nice comments threads suggestions, here are the official rules for the "Fran Fraschilla Does a Mizzou Game" Drinking Game.  We're all gonna die.  (I loved a lot of the suggestions, but I tried to bring in only the ones that allowed the game to take place on a live thread, meaning no "first/last one to finish their drink..." rules.)

  1. When Fran says "Pressure is cumulative," drink one-half of a drink, then double it every time he says it the rest of the game because, after all, pressure is cumulative.

  2. When Fran says "Fastest 40 Minutes in Basketball," drink once. If he calls it a formula, drink twice. If he only says "Fastest 40 Minutes" without the "in Basketball," finish your drink.  But don't worry.  He never stops short of saying the entire phrase.

  3. When Fran mentions Nolan Richardson, drink once. If Nolan is in the house, drink twice. When Fran mentions Norm Stewart, everybody toast to Norm and drink as much as you want.

  4. When Fran references his own coaching career, drink once, then yell something about his coaching tenure (examples: "YOU WERE AWESOME AT MANHATTAN," or "YOU WERE NO LOU CARNASECCA").

  5. When Fran does an odd sideline report in the middle of the game, drink once. If he's confused about when he's supposed to start talking, drink twice, point and laugh.

  6. When Fran mentions that Zaire Taylor's nickname is "Mr. Big Shot," drink once. If he mentions Taylor being called that at graduation, drink twice and chuckle ... because that really is a great story.

  7. When Fran mentions Laurence Bowers' athleticism, drink once. If he says "Bowers" and "Oh, my" in the same sentence, drink three times and shout "OH, MY!"

  8. When Fran mentions a player's home town, drink twice.  Seriously, only Brent Musberger does that more than Fran.

  9. When either Fran or Ron says "Shooting is contagious," drink twice.

  10. When Fran talks about how much he loves Phil Pressey, drink three times.

  11. When Fran says, "Steals are turnovers that stay in play," it's time to determine who "stays in play."  The first person in comments to say "(insert name here) STAYS IN PLAY," dictates this.  The person named has to finish their drink.  They also must double the drinks they take (according to the other rules) until Fran says it again, at which time he/she can name somebody else to "stay in play."  This will continue all game, though once you have stayed in play, you are not allowed to be named again.

We love you, Fran.