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Mizzou Baseball 2010: 5 Questions with

With a hectic week, I was late getting to this, but it's not officially the start of a Mizzou Baseball season unless we throw some questions at trripleplay from the inestimable Simmons Field, the best web resource for Mizzou Baseball.

RMN: 1 - The easy storyline for this year's Mizzou Baseball season is "Mizzou has to replace a ton of players."  Tim Jamieson's Tigers are entering into the same "Rebuilding vs Reloading" season that quite a few other Mizzou teams have this year.  While the future looks pretty bright with a good crop of young guys, what do you expect from this year's team now the roster has taken shape?  Growing pains with a low NCAA tourney seed? The end of Mizzou's tourney streak?

trripleplay: I think the young players are part of the best recruiting class Jamieson has had in years - maybe his best.  While there are plenty of upperclassmen that will be vital to success ([senior 1B/OF Aaron] Senne, [junior P Nick] Tepesch, [junior P Brad] Buehler, etc), the real difference for the 2010 season will be how quickly those young stars become real contributors.  If they make it back to the Regionals, it will demonstrate that Tim Jamieson really is a better coach than some people give him credit for.

RMN: 2 - One thing Mizzou fans have almost come to take for granted recently is the presence of a Friday night ace.  Scherzer, Crow, Gibson, etc.  For a while, Nick Tepesch has been assumed to be the next in line for that role.  Do you see him as an ace?  (And yes, I asked this exact same question in our postseason wrap-up last year ... it's still in my head.)

trripleplay: Nick's a great guy, but he's going to have to prove to me and a lot of others (including Messrs Jamieson and Vitello) that he really is the Friday night ace.  Especially with young guns like Eric Anderson breathing down his neck.

RMN: 3 - What position worries you most for Mizzou in 2010?

trripleplay: Worry is for lazy people.  But what concerns me is whether the youngsters will be productive quickly or not.  If not, MU will have a rough ride this season.

RMN: 4 - What position excites you the most?

trripleplay: Buttocks firmly in the bucket seat at Section E, Row 4, Seat 1, and feet stretched out over the seat in front of me (from which I probably chased off someone who couldn't tolerate the noise).  And I'm excited about an outfield of young players with mega-potential.  [Sophomore Ryan] Gebhart, [freshman Blake] Brown, [freshman Dane] Opel et al

RMN: 5 - With all the "Mizzou to Big Ten?" rumors floating about, few have discussed the large impact a move could have on Mizzou Baseball.  Tell RMN'ers why Mizzou should avoid the Big Ten at all costs.

trripleplay: From a baseball standpoint, I'd rather be in the Missouri Valley than in the Big 10.  Sure, the big 10 seems to be "up" a little in baseball this year, but generally they are a mid-major conference in baseball at best.  At least in the Mo Valley you'd have Wichita State, Missouri State and Creighton every year.

Going to the Big 10 would seriously hurt the baseball Tigers' recruiting and their Strength of Schedule.  And they'd probably be looking for a new coaching staff within a year or two of the change.  Jamieson & Co may not be the greatest coaching staff in D-1, but they are too good for the "big" 10.


Mizzou's next game is today at 4pm CST, against Washington.