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Mizzou Links, 2-24-10

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Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Post-Dispatch: Missouri revels in turnaround
    "The second year here was so rough," Tiller added, "going from having one of our players suspended for a gun charge, another player shot, and then, what, three or four players suspended just as we started the Big 12 season, playing Nebraska with just eight players ... it was a really rough year.

    "And we're playing in front of a half-full building. But you have to go through hell to get to heaven."

    Missouri will play host to Colorado at 6:30 tonight at Mizzou Arena, and in NCAA basketball terms, it hasn't reached the pearly gates of the Final Four yet. But over the past two seasons, coach Mike Anderson's teams have secured some celestial ground.

    Fittingly enough, a victory at Nebraska last Saturday was the 20th win of the season for the Tigers, 20-7 overall and 8-4 in the Big 12.

    Once Team Turmoil, the Tigers have established a tranquil base with 51 wins over the last two seasons, the sixth-most wins in Division I basketball. Missouri is 20-8 in league play in the same stretch, second only to Kansas (26-2). Toss in three wins from last season's Big 12 Tournament and the conference log improves to 23-8.
  • KC Star: Missouri ready for Colorado: End of discussion
  • The Missourian: Safford a shoe-in for Missouri men's basketball team

Big 12 Links

Very nice, business-like performance by K-State, taking care of what they needed to do in Lubbock last night.


Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Women's Basketball Mizzou Suffers 80-79 Overtime Defeat
    The Missourian: Missouri loses to Colorado in overtime
    The Missourian: Johnson, Flores produce off bench in MU loss
    The Trib: Torn ACLs hit Tigers, others in Big 12 hard
  • Mizzou Track & Field Track & Field Set for Big 12 Championships
  • Mizzou Gymnastics Shire Ties Big 12 Conference Record


  • Dr. Saturday: Today's hypothetical expansion fantasy: More Big 12 doomsday! (West Coast edition)
  • Team Speed Kills: How Important Are Bowls to Projecting the Future?
  • Ken Pomeroy: A belated answer
    Currently, our country’s bracketologists view Charlotte and Utah State as essentially equivalent teams. For full disclosure, I have not seen Charlotte play this season and I love Bobby Lutz, but they better have some serious extenuating circumstances, because any objective method you use would indicate the Aggies are the better – and a significantly better – team.

    I shouldn’t say any objective method, because clearly people are using an objective method to fill a bracket – some sort of bastardization of the RPI. I think everyone would agree (though I’ll hear from Charlotte fans!) that we need some sort of objective input into a process that has to sort out so many teams. And I’m not here to sell you on my system right now, although I think it’s awesome. But you should check out Kenneth Massey’s compendium of rankings for a complete list of options. As I write this, there are 36 systems listed on his page. This will grow by a few in the next day, but right now 35 of them have Utah State ranked higher than Charlotte. The one that has Charlotte higher, has them higher by a single spot.

    Now sure, there may be other circumstances to consider, mainly injuries, but in the absence of that, why would you override this vast collection of data and make any case at all that the better team should be out (if they lose in their conference tourney, which is possible)? You might say "quality wins", "good losses", "road wins" or "strength of schedule", but don’t all of these formulas take that into account to some extent?