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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - Does Mizzou have a chance at The Octagon on Saturday?

2 - The last time Kansas didn't win the Big 12 was 2004.  Beyond KU not winning the conference, what's your next favorite moment of 2004?

3 - Picks!  Lots of interesting games these next four days...

Colorado at Missouri (tonight)
Texas A&M at Baylor (tonight)
Oklahoma State at Texas (tonight)

Kansas at Oklahoma State (Saturday)
Texas at Texas A&M (Saturday)
Baylor at Oklahoma (Saturday)
Missouri at Kansas State (Saturday)

4 - I probably asked this question last year too, but it's not like anybody remembers: with Championship Week(s) on the horizon (it starts next Tuesday!), what's the mid-major conference tournament you always find yourself following for no apparent reason?

(And by the way...congrats, ghtd36.)

ZouDave: 1 - Sure we have a chance.  KSU is a damn good team but they've shown the ability to disappear every once in awhile.  Our chance is that we bring the same road game that we played at Nebraska or at Colorado and KSU disappears.  It's not a good chance, but it's a chance.  Chances are KSU wins this game by 2 touchdowns.

2 - Um.....I got engaged that year.  That's usually a pretty happy memory.  Of course my divorce is final tomorrow so really we can probably scratch that part out.

3 - Missouri by A LOT
Baylor in a very close game
Texas by 3

kansas by 10
aTm by 10
Baylor by 10
KSU by 10+

4 - I really don't gravitate to any one conference tournament other than Big XII.  It all depends on what I'm doing that day/night or what else is on TV.  Basketball is a pretty easy "go-to" on TV when nothing else is going on, so at that point I'll just compare the options.  I would probably like to see the MO Valley tournament, the Ivy League tournament and maybe the Sun Belt tournament but I really don't care.

Michael Atchison: 1 - About a one in three shot if you believe our boy Pomeroy, and I think that’s fair.  We know what it’s like when these guys make shots.  If they make shots, they can beat almost anybody.  And if Pullen and/or Clemente are eaten by sharks some time between now and then, the odds increase significantly.

2 - On the second day of that year, a boy child was born to my family.  That was pretty good.

3 - Tonight: Tigers big, Baylor close, Texas large (they have to bust out at some point, don’t they?)

Saturday: Kansas easy (it’s almost always easy), A&M close, Oklahoma in a surprise, and I don’t want to pick the last game, as my head and my heart are in brutal conflict.

4 - I don’t watch any of them as much as I should, but for mid-majors, the Missouri Valley, the Metro Atlantic and the West Coast Conference seem always to provide more than their fair share of thrills.

I expect to see Tepper ripped and sneering on a P90X ad any day now.

ZouDave: Eaten by sharks in kansas?  Don't say it can't happen.

Michael Atchison: Our chances keep improving!

Doug: 1 - Missouri absolutely has a shot. If any team can match K-State's defensive style, it's the Tigers. The one thing is, Missouri can't allow the Wildcats a 10 minute stretch where MU makes no baskets and K-State goes wild. Keep Pullen and Clemente occupied on the the perimeter and the Tigers should be able to counter the height advantage K-State has inside.

2 - The United States stood atop the medal standings at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. U-S-A! U-S-A! Oh, yeah, and I got married, too.

3 - Missouri
Texas A&M

Texas A&M
Kansas State

4 - I'll keep an eye on the Missouri Valley tournament, and I think most basketball fans, especially if their team is on the bubble, follows the WCC tournament to see if Gonzaga gets the auto-bid from that tournament, or will take away an at-large from someone.

Oh, and I'll hit the first day of the NAIA tournament in KC this year.

ZouDave: and congrats to Tepper.  I've lost nearly 60 lbs. since August 1 of 2009.  Would still like to lose at least another 30.  I'm hoping for at least another 10 by the Spring Game so Beef and Bill C. don't recognize me right away.

Bill C.: So basically, the Rock M Roundtable cast has lost well more than a figure skater's worth of weight recently.

ZouDave: One thing's for sure, it seems pretty obvious who the biggest losers are in this group!

RPT: 1. Yes, perhaps a small one, but it's a chance nonetheless.

2. I wasn't born then. /jokeaboutbeingtheyoungguy

3. Picks:


4. The ACC. POW POW.

Michael Atchison: Did anyone check out the link within the Pomeroy link that Bill posted this morning?

It’s a compendium of 25 different computer hoops ranking.  Interesting that all but one puts Mizzou higher than they currently stand in the RPI and most have the Tigers substantially higher.  Knowing nothing about what goes into each system, I have to say that all of them (except one) are far superior to the RPI.

I’m also down a couple of pounds.  Trying to help RMN any way I can.  I mean any way that doesn’t include actually writing.

ghtd36: As a matter of fact, I didn't think you had forgotten. I figured you were simply in the middle of trying out your new abacus.

1 - A chance? Yes, absolutely. Missouri has proven that it can play with Kansas State (remember that time they, you know, beat Kansas State? That was awesome). A good chance? Ehh, I wouldn't go that far. The patriarch of James Westfall and Dr. Kenneth Noisewater has been a beast this year, and considering it's on a Saturday night with all those Wildcat fans getting a chance to get good and liquored up, I imagine it will be rowdy.

2 - An extremely easy choice:

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

3 - Picks!  Let's go with Mizzou, Baylor, Texas, Kansas, A&M, Oklahoma (upset!) and Kansas State.

ZouDave: HOW THE #*&$ IS TEXAS #10???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doug: What's more interesting, if not quite as worthy of Dave's rage, Kentucky, #2 in the polls, is anywhere from #2 to #6 in these ratings and #4 overall, behind Duke, of all schools.

ZouDave: Duke only loses games when they choose to.  Krzyzewski knows that sometimes you have to let other teams win or it's not as fun anymore.  That's what Duke is all about.

(Two hours later...)


RPT: So, Augsiano was asking me on Twitter if I had a succession plan for my position at RMN when I graduate. I chose to falsely interpret this as a push to get me to vacate my position.

To quote Frank from the "The Gang Runs for Office" episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, "THIS IS A GOD DAMN COUP."

So, now the question must be asked: Who's RPT's hypothetical replacement? My vote, unsurprisingly, goes to Pig Brown.

ghtd36: RPT's hypothetical replacement has got to be sirensofsilence. SHE'S A GIRL, YOU KNOW.

Or Asian Kid.

RPT: See, now you've alienated tigers and chiefs fan.


ghtd36: I judge people solely by their avatars on the site. As such, I believe that Bill's head is shaped like the state of Missouri, you constantly wear a football helmet, SleepyFloyd's a baby and tigers and chiefs fan always looks like a screaming DeMarre Carroll.


(An hour later...)


Michael Atchison: Sorry, spent the past couple of hours celebrating getting my 43rd follower on Twitter.  On that compendium of computer hoops rankings, I didn’t realize that you could scroll over for even more geekstasy.  There’s nearly 50 sets of numbers to look at.  The consensus: Much like RMN, Mizzou borders on awesome.

Doug: Yeah, cause Missouri is next to Kansas, which we all know, is awesome.

RPT: Ah, yes. Kansas. Oklahoma's North Korea.

Michael Atchison: Are you calling Kansas a state of racist dwarfs?

Doug: Really? That's what you got?

I'll be honest, I'm certainly expecting more come next weekend.