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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - What's your favorite part of National Signing Day? The far-too-thought-out hat ceremonies? Reading all the releases about the signees? The fact that football recruiting will now take a backseat for at least ... well, a week or so?

2 - Texas A&M has won five straight over Mizzou, including all four matchups with Mike Anderson.  Is this the year Mizzou breaks the streak?

3 - Here are the bigger games from tonight and Saturday...picks!

ATM @ Mizzou (tonight)
KU @ CU (tonight)
Texas @ OU (Saturday)
Baylor @ ATM (Saturday)
OSU @ Tech (Saturday)
Mizzou @ CU (Saturday)

4 - Because you know I'm such an awards show guy (since, uhh, like two weeks ago),
here is the complete list of Oscar nominations.  Answer one or all of the following questions:

Your best picture pick?
Biggest snub?
Most ridiculous nomination?
Who's hotter: Penelope Cruz or ZouDave's sister?

Michael Atchison: 1 - It’s the last real moment to hold on to the belief that all of these guys are going to be superstars.

2 - That streak pales next to the Mizzou Arena streak (do you realize that among the players on this team, only Tiller and Safford have ever lost at home?).  Tigers win.

3 - Mizzou by 9.
Kansas by 24.
Texas by 4.
ATM by 3.
OSU by 1.
Mizzou by 6.

4 - I have heard of all of those films nominated for Best Picture; I’ve only seen UP.  I’m probably not the guy to ask.

Doug: 1 - The pagentry of the high school signing ceremonies is always fun.  Plus, this is the last chance all if these guys will be highly desired football players.  It's all downhill for about 90% of them from here on out.

2 - K-State finally broke their Nebraska losing streak, so anything is possible.

3 - Missouri

4 - Haven't seen it, but I heard good things about Hurt Locker.  With 10 nominees for best picture finding a true snub is a little tough, but I'm a little surprised The Road didn't make it.

Oh, and how is that even a question?  Penelope Cruz has leprosy compared to Dave's Sister.

Bill C.: Look!  I'm answering my own questions!

1 - I just like it because it erases the 1% doubt that somebody will change their minds...they're locked in now!

2 - LOVE the factoid from Atch there.  Mizzou matches up better with this ATM team than past ones...and of course it's at home.

3 - Mizzou > ATM
Texas > OU
ATM > Baylor
Tech > OSU
Mizzou > CU (though I will be filled with doubt until the game's over)

4 - I can proudly say I haven't seen a single one of the best picture nominees.  I'm trying to think if I've seen a movie in the theatre since Kill Bill 2.  There might have been one in there somewhere.  Really, I'm just rooting against Avatar for the most part.  It got okay-at-best reviews when it came out, but now that it's made eleventy billion dollars, everybody's looking at it differently.  If you wouldn't have voted for it (or Cameron for Director) before the money rolled in, don't vote for it after.

ZouDave: 1 - I think the build-up to the day is my favorite part of NSD.  Today is pretty anti-climactic considering the coverage gives.  We knew everything about all of our signees weeks and months ago, and we knew there wouldn't be any surprises.  Congrats to Gary Pinkel and staff on their first ever Top 20 class!

2 - Yes, because it's at home.  I'm still miffed about the A&M game last year because that was SO winnable, but it just wasn't meant to be.  But we're taking them down tonight.

3 - Mizzou by 4
kansas by 490
Texas by 10
Baylor by 3
OSU by 5
Mizzou by 7

4 - I can't answer any of the movie questions because I haven't seen a movie in theaters since July.  And that movie was Transformers 2.

Oh, and:

RPT: 1. The fact that everyone had to commit - fans included. Now, you OFFICIALLY try to make the case that Dexter McDonald is a horrible human being! Nebraska fans can OFFICIALLY think Tyler Gabbert is the reincarnate of Satan, with Satan naturally being the older brother who followed the exact same path.

2. Yes.

3. MU over ATM
KU over CU
Texas over OU
Baylor over ATM
OSU over Tech
Mizzou over CU

4. I've only seen one movie on the list, so um, GO "UP IN THE AIR!!!" Seriously, though, all I care is that Ryan Bingham wins an Oscar for Best Original Song for "The Weary Kind" from Crazy Heart.

And that last part is a trick question. ZouDave's sister IS Penelope Cruz.

ghtd36: Happy holidays.

1 - As someone who (at least partially) makes his living covering high school sports, today's like Christmas, if Christmas were the most stressful day of the year. So, yeah, it's like Christmas at John Edwards' house. BOOMCURRENTEVENTSJOKEROASTED.

But if you make me pick a favorite part, it's talking to the parents. Remember how excited your parents were when you hit that home run or scored that goal or, in the case of Bill, coded your first program deep in the bowels of your Nerdery? Imagine if your parents had months to build up to that moment, and knew it was coming. The parents today are joyful and hilarious and awesome.

2 - Yes. This seems like a cross between the Oklahoma State game and the Kansas State game, which both ended well for Mizzou. I like the Tigers' chances.

3 - Mizzou, Kansas, OU (the Rick Barnes pseudo-death-spiral continues), Baylor, Oklahoma State and Mizzou.

4 - Normally, I'd say Penelope Cruz, but the scorn of selecting ZouDave's sister makes her even hotter. I mean, it's like the forbidden fruit -- except everyone's already taken a bite out of it. Back me up on this, World.


Bill C.:

And by "Don't poke the bear," I really mean "Poke the bear."

ghtd36: Here's the funny thing: I've never met ZouDave's sister. I've never seen ZouDave's sister, either in picture form or real life. In fact, I'm not totally sure that ZouDave has a sister.

But the idea of ZouDave's sister -- the theory of ZouDave's sister -- is what's important. If I ever actually met ZouDave's sister, it would be like if Kendial Lawrence ever had a 100-yard game. My head would just explode.

ZouDave: Not one person that even READS our roundtables has ever met my sister I'm pretty sure.  Probably only Bill and Beef have even seen a picture of her, or at least remember seeing a picture of her.

But "ZouDave's Sister", or as it were "Dave's Sister" has been a theme of my life for at least the last 23 years.  Basically from the time she was 14 until now, nobody has ever missed an opportunity to remind me they think my sister is hot.  I love that the internet has given this legs it could never have had.  And by love, I mean hate.

If I ever told my sister about this meme, she'd say "What the hell is a meme?" and call me a dork.

ghtd36: I hereby demand that your sister be informed of this meme, and that you record her reaction, a la Two Girls One Cup reaction videos.

Doug: I seem to recall a photo of Dave's Sister showing up on Tigerboard for a few brief, glorius moments.

And it was spectacular.

RPT: Perhaps ZouDave's sister is not a person, but rather an ideal we all aspire to. Yeah, it's getting philosophical in this bitch.

ZouDave: Yeah, it was there.  It was during the first Shack Tourney.  I used a picture of my sister to get votes to win one of the rounds.  I basically whored my sister out.  That's awesome.

Bill C.: Yeah, it was glorious.

Doug: Hey, you try typing replies on an iPhone.

Dave's Sister will never love you like she loves me.

ZouDave: oh hey, for those of you who haven't seen her, would you like to?

Here's that picture:

RPT: I see the family resemblance.

Bill C.: Dave, you're just lucky I don't have time to pore through the Tigerboard archive today.  I will someday find that pic.

ZouDave: Man, that was so long ago I don't think it still exists.

And I'm pretty sure the file was hosted on, which is long gone now.

I think I'm safe.

RPT: Can we get the people at the soon to be formed TMZ Sports on the case?

ghtd36: Currently searching "ZouDave Sister" on Tigerboard, and coming up with a lot of Jeff C's posts.

I didn't even know the guy, and I miss him.

ZouDave: man that dude was more obsessed than anyone, I think.  DAMN YOU, JEFF!

RPT: At least we know he's looking down on us, or at least down on Dave's sister.

ghtd36: I think you mean "down her shirt," RPT.

RPT: ghtd36 wins today's "Obvious Insinuation of the Day" award. Enjoy:

ZouDave: The day after he died last year, I posted on Tigerboard that "If he wants to, he can now watch you shower."

Hadn't really applied that thought to him being able to do that to my sister.  Hmm.  That sucks.

ghtd36: Welp, it's official.

I wish I were dead.

RPT: I know a Coppell breakfast sandwich that can facilitate that.

ghtd36: As someone who just finished losing a relatively significant amount of weight and is eating an apple right now:

Go to hell, RPT. You go right to hell. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. Go directly to hell.

RPT: Maybe you should get a Filthy Diablo, which I only remember because Bill described it as such:

"I guess they removed it from the menu mostly because IT’S A TRIPLE CHEESEBURGER WITH TWO WHOLE KIELBASA SAUSAGES."

ghtd36: Know what's eerie? That post has 30 COMMENTS.

Bill C.: That was a run re-read...amazingly, if I were to update that post now, I'd really only have a couple of football moments to add and a large handful of basketball moments.  Would NOT have predicted that in September 2008...

Bill C.: Run re-read?  Um, FUN re-read.

ZouDave: feeding is rundamental

RPT: Ret-ard.