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Mizzou Links, 2-8-10

Alright, so what did everybody eat last night?  The wife and I have strangely developed a habit out of making some big meal we haven't made before the day of the game, and this year it was Moussaka ... basically Greek lasagna.

Anyway, the wife also doesn't really like Valentine's Day, so ... does that mean our Valentine's date is cooking for the Super Bowl?  Lucky man am I!


Big 12 Basketball Links


  • The Trib (Dave Matter): George Pinkel, coach's father, passes

    George Pinkel died on Saturday morning, MU spokesman Chad Moller confirmed. He was 83.

    A few years ago Gary Pinkel shared with me some stories about his parents, Gay and George. He and his father grew particularly close over the last 20 years, sharing emails daily as Pinkel worked on building football programs and George toiled on his autobiography from his assisted living facility in Columbus, Ohio. George, a native of Buffalo, N.Y., liked to take apart radios, TVs and computers and build them back from a pile of parts.

    "There’s no one else in his place who even has a computer, and he’s in touch with the whole world," Pinkel told me in December 2007. "That’s been awesome for him. ... When the computer came out, he dove on it. It was so intriguing to him."

  • Mocking the Draft: Shake's Mock Draft
    31. New Orleans, Sean Weatherspoon
    Both Saints OLBs are over 30, Weatherspoon should add some more attacking speed to that D.
  • The Trib (Dave Matter): MU's Daniel joins Super, Saintly company

Other Mizzou Links

  • Beauty & the Beast Tiger Gymnasts Win at Beauty and the Beast No. 15 Tiger Wrestlers Fall to No. 9 Sooners
    The Missourian: Missouri gymnastics downs New Hampshire at "Beauty and the Beast"
    The Trib: MU gymnasts get bad taste out of mouth
    The Trib: Grapplers fold vs. OU
    The Trib: Beauty and the Beast photos
  • MU Wrestling (Sunday) No. 3 Oklahoma State Takes Down No. 15 Missouri, 24-9
    The Missourian: Missouri wrestling loses to Oklahoma State on senior day
    Daily Oklahoman: Jared Rosholt pulls upset in OSU wrestling's win over Missouri
  • Mizzou Women's Basketball
    KC Star: Lacey leads No. 19 Iowa State Over Missouri 65-39
    The Missourian: Missouri struggles to find basket in loss to Iowa State
  • Mizzou Softball
    The Missourian: Missouri freshmen make transition to college softball


I included that last week just because it so completely baffles me that there really isn't a good NY-area school right now, and it completely baffles me.  When Mizzou was struggling in basketball as recently as 12-18 months ago, I found a kindred spirit in St. John's, a team with a strong tradition who had looked as promising as ever early in the decade.  But when the bottom fell out for Mizzou, it REALLY fell out for the Johnnies, and they haven't recovered yet despite what appeared to be a pretty good hire this last time around.  Meanwhile, Seton Hall hired one of my favorite mid-major guys (Bobby Gonzalez), and they even have a former Mizzou player on the roster (Keon Lawrence), and they're not very good either.  It's just strange that a basketball hotbed doesn't have a good team ... especially considering how many NYC-area players Bob Huggins has managed to lure to Morgantown, WV.