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It's the Fastest 40 Minutes in Podcasting! No, Really!

That's right, Chase, celebrate. The Fastest 40 Minutes is back!

Your eyes and ears are not deceiving you -- RPT and I actually did a podcast!! Join us as we discuss the Sloe Crush, Mizzou's Big 12 basketball season to date, talk NCAA Tourney projections, break down and talk about football even though there's not much to talk about (hello, 2011 recruiting!), praise the state of the Mizzou women's athletic program, talk Guy Fieri, and debate the best song with which to close ... and if you watched the Super Bowl and saw our reactions to a particular music group, the closer shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

Direct mp3 download link

No, we're not on iTunes yet. We're just happy to have actually cranked out another podcast for now. Baby steps.