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Basketball Live Thread: Morning Roundtable / CU-TT Thread

No official Rock M Roundtable today ... just too damn many live threads to post.  But consider this your Roundtable / Colorado-Tech open thread.  Looking for questions to answer while we await tip-off at 11:30?  Here you go.

1. Who wins the Big 12 Tournament?

2. FOOTBALL!!!!  What generally excites you most about spring football?  (And yes, "Nothing" is an acceptable answer if applicable.)

3. Pinstripe Bowl: Greatest thing ever, or worst thing ever?

4. Betty White on SNL: are you excited, or just nervous?

Early Games:


Big East Second Round:  South Florida vs Georgetown (ESPN)


Big 12 Quarterfinals: Texas Tech vs Colorado (ESPN 360)


Conference USA First Round: East Carolina vs Houston
Southland Quarterfinals: UT-Arlington vs Stephen F. Austin


Big East Second Round: Marquette vs St. John's (ESPN)