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Basketball Live Thread: NCAA Tourney - Thursday Early Session

Let's begin the festival of live threads!!

Thursday Morning / Afternoon Schedule

11:20am - 7 BYU vs 10 Florida (West)
11:25am - 6 Notre Dame vs 11 Old Dominion (South)
11:30am - 2 Villanova vs 15 Robert Morris (South)

1:30pm - 4 Vanderbilt vs 13 Murray State (West)
1:40pm - 2 Kansas State vs 15 North Texas (West)
1:45pm - 3 Baylor vs 14 Sam Houston State (South)
1:50pm - 7 Richmond vs 10 St. Mary's (South)

3:45pm - 5 Butler vs 12 UTEP (West)


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