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Mizzou Links, 3-19-10

Mizzou-Clemson Links

  • The Tigers Meet the Media
  • The Trib: Their second time around
  • The Trib: Ever the optimist, Kim English expects the next one to go in
  • The Trib: Laurence Bowers says wrist won't hinder him
  • The Missourian: Missouri basketball players sneak glimpses of March Madness
  • The Missourian: Mike Dixon cuts it close for NCAA Tournament game
  • The Missourian: Ten Things you didn't know about Buffalo
  • KC Star: Injured Bowers will play until the 'end of the world'
  • KC Star: Buffalo buzz: Anderson may go to deeper bench
  • KC Star (Campus Corner): Stone, Underwood: "Warm Up"

    John Underwood and Tyler Stone - a couple of freshman forwards who have played a collective seven minutes since the start of Big 12 Conference play - may actually have to wear uniforms under those Missouri warmups when the Tigers take on Clemson on Friday.

    MU Coach Mike Anderson - and starting forwards Keith Ramsey and Laurence Bowers - either hinted or just came out and predicted that the 6-9 Underwood and 6-7 Stone would see a few minutes against Clemson.

    "John Underwood," Anderson said, "you’ll see him out there maybe one or two minutes at a time, hopefully to give (relief to) guys like Keith Ramsey and Laurence Bowers."

  • Post-Dispatch: Fierce pace expected in Tigers face-off
  • Post-Dispatch: Alden addresses graduation rates
  • PowerMizzou: Ready for another run
  • PowerMizzou: Five questions on the Clemson Tigers
  • The State: Purnell might play small ball
  • The State: Clemson, Missouri put the pressure on opponents
  • The State: Clemson vs. Missouri - quick, get the oxygen!

NCAA Tournament Links

Big 12 Links


  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Tigers feel the sunshine, finally
    At some point in their careers, the young players manning the offensive tackle spots are going to count this spring as a learning experience. For now, though, DE Aldon Smith will keep smearing them with tread marks. Smith burst into the backfield during 11-on-11 drills and dropped a reverse to WR Jerrell Jackson for a loss of at least 12 yards. I'm certain Smith will get the 2000 Justin Smith treatment from opposing offenses this year. They'll stick a tight end on his side of the line and chip away with a running back, begging for another MU lineman to exploit the extra attention on No. 85.
  • PowerMizzou: Thursday practice report
    *Zaviar Gooden absolutely laid out Jaleel Clark on a pass over the middle. Clark made the catch, but it was a big price to pay for a one-yard game. Gooden is a guy that a lot of us are starting to think could be one heck of a player.

    *Speaking of guys that catch your eye, freshman tight end Eric Waters more than passes the eyeball test. Physically, he looks ready to play. I wouldn't necessarily count on a redshirt for him. More proof that you don't have to be the most heralded recruit to make a difference early.

Other Mizzou Links