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Mizzou Links, 3-2-10

So Big 12 Hoops has its Big 12 Survivor series still going, and Mizzou is one of four remaining...if you want to have some fun and help vote Kansas off, you know what to do...

Safford Links

Other Mizzou Basketball Links

  • Tigers Travel to Iowa State
  • The Trib (Steve Walentik): Anderson talks survival in the Big 12
  • Clone Chronicles: Mizzou Preview: Likely Brackins and Gilstrap's Last Game At Hilton
  • KC Star: Tigers can't expect a blowout against Cyclones
  • KC Star (Upon Further Review): MU-KSU-KU: What teams are they most similar to? Part II
  • (Seth Davis): Scouting teams from Big 12, Pac-10, Mountain West, Atlantic 10
    MISSOURI: Their style of play makes it difficult in a one-game scenario in the NCAA tournament. If you haven't seen that pressure before and all the different spots it comes from, it's hard to prepare for. They're not as good as they were last year, because now it's easier to score at the end of their pressure against their frontline. So they have to rely more on perimeter shooting, but they have so many guys who can shoot the ball. Marcus Denmon, Kim English, Zaire Taylor, all those guys can shoot, and then you have Michael Dixon coming off the bench, as well. Their bigs shoot it well enough that you have to respect them at the three-point line. And the guy I haven't mentioned who stirs their drink is J.T. Tiller. He gives them toughness and energy.
  • PowerMizzou: Like father, unlike son: Final week
  • PowerMizzou: Audio: Mike Anderson on the stretch run

Big 12 Links

Watched some of OU-UT last night ... two thoughts: 1) that was one of the deadest-sounding arenas I've ever seen on television, and 2) I just don't understand why people hate Bobby Knight calling games.  Okay, I UNDERSTAND why, but I just don't really care.  We complain about all the canned announcers who say things they either think they're supposed to say (cliche, cliche, cliche) or they think makes them sound smart (Ware, Ware, Ware) ... Knight kind of annoys me with his 'cranky grandpa' routine, and while part of it reminds me of Billy Packer (yikes), he also sounds like he actually wants to be there and is interested in talking about the games, which is somewhat non-Packer-like.  I don't know ... I don't love or hate Knight very much (a ringing endorsement, I know), and if I were to try to start a petition to get an announcer removed from his job, he'd be about 29th on the list.



Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Softball Chelsea Thomas Tabbed Top Pitcher at Leadoff Classic
  • Mizzou Baseball Mizzou Baseball Player & Pitcher of the Week - March 1