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Mizzou Links, 3-4-10

Mizzou Basketball Links

Big 12 Links

  • PowerMizzou: Powered Up: Call it both ways
    [O]f the top seven teams in the Big 12, all seven of them have shot more free throws than their opponents at home. Baylor has attempted just eight more than its opponents in seven games. Missouri has taken 16 more. Every other team has taken at least 32 more free throws than visiting teams in seven games. That averages out to nearly five attempts per game. The group is led by Texas, which has taken an average of eight more free throws than its opponent in every single Big 12 home game.

    The flip side is what happens to these teams on the road. The seven teams have taken a combined 117 fewer free throws on the road than their opponents.


    I'm sorry, that just doesn't pass the smell test. Is Texas a team that is so much different at home that they should average eight more free throws per game than their opponent at home, but five fewer on the road? Do Baylor and A&M (whose opponents have taken 133 and 124 free throw attempts, respectively, at home) suddenly forget how to play defense on the road (where the other teams have taken 200 and 188 free throws in the exact same number of games)?

    No freaking way.
  • Kansas 82, Kansas State 65 Kansas finishes rival to win sixth straight Big 12 title
    Rock Chalk Talk: Jayhawks Do It for Sharron, Best Wildcats, 82-65 (Seth Davis): Collins' KU farewell ends in triumph
    KC Star: Stakes were high for Collins and all Jayhawks
    KC Star: 'We just let it slip away,' K-State's Pullen says of loss to KU
    KC Star (Upon Further Review): KU Basketball: The most you can ask for
    KC Star (Upon Further Review): K-State Basketball: Another rough start in Allen!
  • Texas A&M 76, Oklahoma State 61 Aggies use early 14-0 run to down Cowboys
    Houston Chronicle: No. 23 Texas A&M beats Oklahoma State 76-61
  • Dallas Morning News: Who has done the Big 12's top coaching job?


Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Women's Basketball
    : No. 18 Texas Ousts Mizzou, 60-41
    The Missourian: Discouraged Missouri women's basketball team falls to Longhorns
    The Trib: Stein says she will leave MU with no regrets BLOG: A Thank-You to Cindy Stein
    The Trib: Missouri needs to decide if it's all-in

    When the talent gap turned into a performance gap in 2007 and ’08, it was hard for Alden to justify extending Stein’s contract. Without an extension, opposing coaches effectively used Stein’s job security against her on the recruiting trail and the MU program withered from its roots.

    In-state recruits stampeded for the border. Texas A&M’s top three scorers are all from Kansas City. Even Yvonne Anderson, the daughter of MU men’s Coach Mike Anderson, left town for Texas. All those Big 12 coaches publicly sympathizing with Stein yesterday surely weren’t shy about reminding recruits of her contract status.

    Women’s basketball is now a cut-throat, high-stakes game. Five Big 12 coaches make more than $800,000, which is about a half-million more than Stein made. One litmus test for Missouri’s commitment to women’s basketball will be the dollar signs at the bottom of the new coach’s contract. That’s a perception that Alden doesn’t necessarily agree with, but he accepts. That’s the price of poker in Big 12 women’s basketball.

  • Mizzou Softball
    : No. 4/3 Softball Opens Home Schedule
  • Mizzou Baseball Renovation of Taylor Stadium Nears Completion


Gotta say ... Griner can throw a punch ...