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Mizzou Links, 4-1-10

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • No Spring Break For Justin Safford

    "It was tough," Safford said. "I don't think any player expects that to happen to them and I thought I had just tweaked it. Kimmie (English) had fallen on my other leg a few weeks prior and it was the same feeling, except I was fine and was able to finish out practice."

    Last week's surgery was a success for Missouri's 6-foot-8, 230 pounder and has the soon-to-be-senior looking forward to the future as the summer quickly approaches.

    "I'm excited about the future and my senior season," Safford said. "I can't wait to get back and compete with my teammates. Pat (Beckmann) and the doctors have been great. They all have so much experience. They have told me what's gone right and what's worked best with rehabs in the past, so I am prepared. We have the best people around."

Big 12 Basketball Links

  • Rock Chalk Talk: Looking Ahead to the Big 12 in 2010-2011

    I'll say this much: I think KU's going to miss Cole Aldrich more than anybody assumes. He was an absolute force on the defensive end, and he earned my respect.

Final Four/NCAA Tournament Links

  • Andy Katz: Committee chair talks seeding

    "Just like we planned it," said UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero, the committee chair who was watching the East Regional final Saturday at the Carrier Dome. "It's a great tournament, just like we planned it. You do the bracket and move it forward and let the games play out.

    "I've said many times that it's like a blank canvas when we take over and then we put the colors on it," Guerrero said. "Actually we put the colors on the palate and let the games play out to be a masterpiece."

    Guerrero said he had no issue with Kentucky-West Virginia being the only 1-2 matchup in the Elite Eight.

    "We talked about a lot of stuff and as it turned out, it worked out the way it should have [in the East]," Guerrero said. "West Virginia did what it had to do to win, whatever bracket they were in, they plowed through it. They'll be in Indianapolis because they played well."

    He's going to dislocate his shoulder patting himself on the back this much...
  • KC Star (Upon Further Review): Is the BIg 12 overrated? If not, who is?
  • Joe Posnanski: Huggs (Warning: do NOT read this link if you enjoy hating Bob Huggins...JoePos does an awesome job of making it hard to do...)
  • Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany: NCAA tournament expansion 'probable'
    Rush the Court: Expansion 96: Braces Yourselves, It's Coming...
    The First Weekend Becomes the First Week.  Under the new format of 96 teams, we presume that the games would begin on Tuesday following Selection Sunday and run for six consecutive days through the following Sunday.  It would break out like this: Tuesday (16 games), Wednesday (16 games), Thursday (16 games), Friday (16 games), Saturday (8 games), Sunday (8 games).  The basketball bonanza of the opening weekend has just become the opening week, so go ahead and take off the entire thing from work.  Now, you may say along with everyone else that you’re really not interested in watching a Texas Tech-Seton Hall game because it represents two bad teams where somebody has to win, but are you telling us that you wouldn’t be intrigued by a UNC-William & Mary first round matchup?  Or UConn-Northeastern?  We’d by lying if we said that those games weren’t interesting to us, and you would be too.


  • The Hawk
    Dr. Saturday: Cody Hawkins clams up against 'attacks' on his beleaguered dad
  • Dez
    Tulsa World: Bryant says criticism has 'gone too far'

Mizzou Softball Links

Other Mizzou Links