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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand ... scene.

Gotta say, this series of April Fools posts went much better than expected.  We joined forces with our good friends at Rock Chalk Talk for a few hours to produce a series of posts that started out subtle and veered toward ridiculous, and we maybe kind of sucked a few people into the joke for a while.  It was a fun morning.

Best (and Most Effective) Post Award: RCT Staff Announcement: Myself

Best Actor Award (tie): ghtd36 and The Beef.

Other notable quotables: Mizzou Links ("He was an absolute force on the defensive end, and he earned my respect."), Spreadbone (Ross wants me to assure everyone involved that THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY A JOKE), Cole in the Rafters, Quin > Norm, Depth: Who Coaches It Well ("Does anyone here really think Kansas wouldn't have been a better team in 2009-2010 with Mike Anderson coaching?"), and The Missing Piece.

ONE MORE NOTE: Kudos to KCsince88 for not taking advantage of his handful of hours with RMN editorship. He didn't take any liberties with anybody's posts ... as far as I can tell.