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Mizzou Links, 4-14-10


  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Gabbert gets maximum air, twice
    Pass of the Day No. 1 came against the No. 1 defense as QB Blaine Gabbert beautifully sold a fake option then launched a strike down the right sideline for WR Rolandis Woodland. I’d be lying if I said I was 100 percent certain Woodland would make the grab—as anyone sitting around me would attest—but with S Matt White chasing him from behind, Woodland secured the pass in stride and galloped into the end zone. Unofficially a 56-yard touchdown pass. Doesn’t get much prettier, unless, of course, you play defense. (By the way, White, a redshirt freshman, was getting most of the work at one of the first-team safety positions, ahead of junior Kenji Jackson.)
  • PowerMizzou: Tuesday practice report
    Play of the Day: On second and four from the 31, Gabbert loaded up and looked long for Derrick Washington, who had slipped behind the defense. Washington caught the ball and then showed off his renewed quickness, beating Matt White to the corner of the end zone for a 69-yard touchdown. The defense still won the day, but the offense finished on a high note with that hookup.
  • PowerMizzou: Grant Ressel: Wrestling with fame

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  • KC Star (Campus Corner): Running Off Players
  • Could transferring Mizzou PG be in WSU orbit?
  • PowerMizzou: Class of 2010 forwards scouting report

    4) Tony Mitchell
    High school: Dallas (Texas) Pinkston
    College choice: Missouri
    The buzz: If there is a better athlete than C.J. Leslie, then it might just be Mitchell. Playing above the rim comes easily to him.


    5) Tony Mitchell
    High school: Dallas (Texas) Pinkston
    College choice: Missouri
    The buzz: Mitchell is the type of athlete who can match up defensively with almost anyone on the court.

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  • Big Ten coaches discuss expansion issue
    The Rivalry, Esq.
    : The (Big Ten) Expansion Game - How Much Are The Candidates Really Worth?
  • NFL My Wife Hates the NFL Draft ..... HELP!!!