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Mizzou Links, 4-16-10


  • The Oregonian: Pat Kilkenny meets with Missouri's Mike Anderson in Texas
    Former Oregon athletic director Pat Kilkenny, leading the search for the Ducks new basketball coach and believed to be in pursuit of Missouri's Mike Anderson, was in El Paso, Texas, on Thursday night, and The Oregonian has confirmed that Anderson and Kilkenny met in person to discuss the job.

    Anderson is in El Paso, where he is scheduled to participate in the Nolan Richardson Charity Golf Tournament, in support of Richardson, his former mentor at Arkansas. Kilkenny flew directly to El Paso after leaving New York on Thursday afternoon. The two are checked into hotels across the street from each other.
    Now, I'm not going to worry about this ... yet.  Fact is, Kilkenny came to where he knew Anderson was going to be, checked into a hotel room across the street, and sought him out.  We also know that Anderson is a nice enough guy that he's probably not going to say no to meeting with somebody who came that far just to talk to them.  But we also know that Anderson has just signed BOTH of his college roommate's sons to play for him, has a potential top five recruiting class coming in, and has a large group of rising-juniors to whom he is very close.  Others outside the situation might see this as a sign that Oregon has a really good chance here, but I don't believe that to be the case.

    But the fact is ... Oregon's got a ridiculous amount of Nike money in their pocket and the potential for the best facilities in the country, so until we find out again that Anderson isn't interested, there's going to be at least a glint of paranoia here.  So I'll be paying extra close attention to Twitter this morning for confirmation that Anderson once again said thanks-but-no-thanks.  The longer we go without that, the more the paranoia will grow.

Other Basketball Links

Mizzou Football Links

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Tigers tweak Black and Gold format
    In the past, all of the offensive units were matched against all the defensive units with points awarded for first downs, defensive stops, turnovers, etc. On Saturday, MU will use a conventional scoring system in the first half — separated into two 10-minute quarters — as the starters on offense and defense (the Mizzou 1s) will form one team and square off against the backups on offense and defense (the Tigers 2s). There is one catch.

    "We’re going to spot the 2s 14-0 points, just to make it a little more competitive that way," Pinkel said. "Then we’ll slowly be getting the starters out in the third and fourth quarters. Then we’ll go back to scoring it how we’ve scored our scrimmages in the past."

    I told Pinkel that former Tigers Coach Larry Smith once let two members of the media divvy up the teams for the spring game.

    "Oh he did?" Pinkel deadpanned. "I would suggest that might never happen."

  • PowerMizzou: Changes announced to spring game
    Players were all mostly supportive of the spring game changes, especially the defense, who were often marginalized with the old scoring system.

    "I think it's awesome," linebacker Luke Lambert said. "It sounds good to me."

    Cornerback Kevin Rutland expanded on Lambert's thoughts.

    "I think it's good to have a team versus team atmosphere," Rutland said. "Throughout spring ball, you've kinda been going against offense, going against offense. Now, we get to sit back and watch them run it and cheer them on, because during practice, if Blaine breaks a run, I'm thinking, 'Oh great, I gotta go get him.'"
  • KC Star (Campus Corner): Mizzou Switches Up Spring Game Format
  • The Missourian: Missouri spring football game means more for Woodland
  • The Missourian: Hard-hitting Ebner ready for new role

    "Experience will make him a much better player, but he’s at the position now, linebackers are a lot like the quarterback of the defense, that requires one to be verbal and communicate," Pinkel said. "I think he’ll do all of those things."

    Ebner might hit loudly, but off the field, he is as soft-spoken as they come. Taking on a vocal leadership role might seem out of his comfort zone, but after two years of solid play, and showing a toughness in playing through injury, Ebner said he thinks he has earned the respect of his teammates and can step into the role.

    "It’s time for certain people to step up, for the team’s sake." Ebner said. The Texas-native is careful not to speak about himself, constantly deferring to linebacker and team goals.

  • PowerMizzou: 2011 Tiger recruiting mailbag
  • Sporting News: Profiles of top [draft-eligible] players by position

Other Football Links

Just in case you hadn't seen it already, EDSBS has the ultimate take on the taunting rules ... as if you thought anybody BUT Orson would ... Bruce Feldman has a nice take ($) as well, albeit one without Firehorse.

  • Illinois
    : Illinois turning up heat on young QBs
  • Iowa State ISU's Rhoads needs Robinson to take control

Other Mizzou Links


Here's a Friday bonus link from Bad Left Hook on the 25th anniversary of Hagler-Hearns ... simply because this is the most amazing eight minutes of fighting I've ever seen ...