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Introducing the Rock M Nation Guide to Columbia!

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If there are three infallible truths during the offseason at Rock M Nation, they are this:
1) We will inevitably get pumped for information by fans of opposing teams in the midst of planning road trips to CoMo.
2) Conversation amongst our members will at some point be dominated by Columbia food and/or hotspot talks.
3) Bill and I will still be in desperate need of content.

How do we reconcile these three truths? The answer is easy: Today, we'd like to introduce the Rock M Nation Guide to Columbia, in which our dear readers will help us put together a comprehensive guide that'll put those commies at TripAdvisor to shame. For an idea of what we're looking to create, browse the Best of Lubbock series put together by the esteemed Seth from Double T Nation

So, here's what will happen. One day, I will post a thread soliciting nominations for a certain category. The following day, that comprehensive list will be put up to a vote for the RMN community and Columbians at large to vote. Today, however, we need a different form of help though. Rather than submitting your nominations today (hold on to those!), please look over the categories below, and if there is a category you feel is missing or would like to suggest, PLEASE let us know in the comments.



Best Burger

Best Pizza

Best Mexican Food

Best Italian Food

Best Semi-Upscale Dining

Best Casual Dining

"Can't Miss" Food Item in Columbia


Best Drink Specials

Best Drink Selection

Best Bartenders

Best Gameday Bar

Best "This is Columbia" Bar

Best Bar for "Scenery"

Best Place for Dancing

Best Bar Overall