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Mizzou Links, 4-22-10

Mizzou Football Links

  • PowerMizzou: Spoon eyes the future
    PM: I know everybody just wants a shot in the NFL, but is there anything that stands out, maybe with William Moore in Atlanta, where you say, if I could make the pick, that's where I want to be?

    SW: "I think that Atlanta pick at 19 would be legit. Mainly because I'm really comfortable with their staff. They worked me out and took a liking to me. When I went out there, Willy Mo came and picked me up took me around, showed me his place and everything."
  • The Missourian: Sean Weatherspoon likely a first-round NFL Draft pick
  • PowerMizzou: Spring review: PowerMizzou staff breakdowns
  • ESPN's Dave Ubben visits Columbia Missouri adjusting to greater expectations Blaine Gabbert chasing his potential Who's next at WR for Missouri? Kevin Rutland emerging as leader for Tigers Big 12 spring game recap: Missouri
  • PowerMizzou: Corbin Berkstresser ready for Mizzou
  • The Missourian: Former Missouri assistant coach looks to continue improvement of Wyoming football team

Other Football Links

Also, self-share: my latest Varsity Numbers about running back measures and draftability is up.

Other Basketball Links

Gymnastics at Nationals

  • Tigers Set Out for Nationals
  • Drass, shire meet with media
  • The Trib: After paying the price, a big payoff
  • The Trib: Tigers finally realize they belong among nation's top teams
  • The Missourian: NCAA women's gymnastics championships wide open
  • The Missourian: Missouri gymnasts excited as team heads to national championship meet
  • KC Star: Mizzou gymnasts take a giant first step

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Softball Vock, Nottelmann Lead Tigers to Sweep
    The Missourian: Former assistant Missouri coach returns with own team
  • Mizzou Baseball Tigers Drop Contest with Kansas at Kauffman
    The Missourian: Missouri baseball team loses to rival Kansas
    KC Star: Kansas baseball upends Mizzou 1-0 at the K
  • Mizzou Track & Field Lars Rise Named Big 12 Athlete of the Week


Looks like the Pac-10 might be racing the Big Ten to the expansion gate now...

  • Pigskin Punditry (our own D-Sing): Big Ten and Pac-10 Expansion: Mechagodzilla wonders what else he can shoot
  • Bring On the Cats: Apparently, K-State Will Sit This One Out, Thanks
  • The Trib: Big 12 coaches in the dark on expansion
  • The Missourian: Status of Big Ten expansion exploration unchanged
  • SB Nation: The Big Ten Expansion Threat Is Real. (Maybe.)
  • Big Ten expansion timetable unchanged News, notes and factoids from the BCS meetings
    • Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott was asked about whether long and expensive travel, not to mention a lack of interest, might damage a potential conference championship game. Perhaps, he admitted, before adding an intriguing "but": "I would not rule out an NFL-style, home-team advantage," he said.
    • Scott also added that he will appoint a "TV consultant" next month to explore the conference's media options, which could include a Pac-10 network.
    • First-year Big East commissioner John Marinatto said his decision to bring aboard former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue as a consultant grew out of two things. First, he had a chance encounter with Tagliabue at a Georgetown basketball game. Second, because Delany had advised him months before to "learn to think strategically about the future." That's interesting because the strategic futures of Marinatto and Delany may be at cross purposes.
  • (Andy Staples): Big Ten expansion could set off ripple effect
  • Tulsa World: Collegiate athletics landscape changing?
  • The Dagger: Big Ten commissioner's expansion news conference is a letdown
    The Dagger
    : Under siege by the Big Ten, the Big East turns to Tagliabue
  • Maize 'n Brew: 10 Things the Big Ten Should Do Before It Expands (you'll definitely appreciate #1)


This is entirely NBA-related, but it's just too cool not to share ... if only MySynergy existed for college ...