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Your Bracket Contest Winner: J. Hane

Congrats to J. Hane and his "hane_5" bracket for winning the Rock M Bracket Contest.  Hane_5's 1270 overall points put it in the 99.8th percentile among brackets.  Mr. Hane, please e-mail us at rockmnation @ to arrange for your choice of a free T-shirt if you so choose.

For a bigger view of the Top 20, click here.

Some notable scores...

9. GT's Bracket Sure to Fail, ghtd36 (1,070 points, 95.6 PCT)
16. Post-Overthinking, Bill C. (890 points, 92.4 PCT)
34. Bill's Mom's Picks, Bill C. (740 points, 83.2 PCT)
39. Pink Ladies, Mrs. Bill C. (700 points, 78.9 PCT)
66. RPT Wants Football, RPT (640 points, 67.5 PCT)
70. Tyler Stone Temple Pilots, Uribe Auction (630 points, 64.7 PCT)
70. ZouDave RMN Picks, ZouDave (630 points, 64.7 PCT)
107. St. Charles Midgetpimps, The Beef (590 points, 51.1 PCT)
162. Dick Vitale's picks (500 points, 21.1 PCT)
196. Sleepy's 6-year old daughter (260 points, 0.4 PCT)