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Introducing the new and improved RMN store!

What's that? You can't get enough RMN apparel? That what we love you, you little walking advertisements.

RMN Store


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Awhile back, SB Nation launched a new central hub store for all of its blogs, and since RMN isn't big on the whole "early adopter" thing (we plan on having podcasts on iTunes by the 2016 Presidential Election!), we've just now gotten around to getting it set up. At this point, we've got our two current basic designs (the "Mob Mentality" shirt and the "Unoriginal Hacks" shirt), accompanied by both a black and gold reinterpretation of the Defend the Arena shirts sponsored by RMN for ZouCrew last February. Also note that the good people of our store have also offered all gold designs in two different shades of gold, allowing you to take sides in the never ending battle of which shade of gold Mizzou fans should actually wear. Freedom to choose your gold: The definition of personal liberty.

So become an RMN uber-member by basking in the reflected glory of your wise taste in both Web sites AND consumer apparel by buying an RMN T-shirt. You want it. The economy wants it. GO FORTH AND CONSUME!

**Side note: We'll also be holding contests soon for new designs. Do you have an awesome idea? Let us know! Just remember: Be mindful of trademark and NCAA merchandising laws. The term "Mizzou" may not be used, nor may any university names or marks/logos. Player names/likenesses are also verboten. We like Atchison and TB, but there's no need to drag their lawyerin' into this.