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Mizzou Links, 5-13-10

Tommy Saunders will have a new home for 15 days for being a bit too good at throwing a punch (via <a href="">Zimbio</a>).
Tommy Saunders will have a new home for 15 days for being a bit too good at throwing a punch (via Zimbio).

Yep, Expansion is going to be the top topic every morning, isn't it...

  • (Andy Staples): Predicting if Notre Dame, expansion candidates will jump ship
    Despite the financial benefit it could offer Notre Dame, the Big Ten still would need to blow up the Big East to force Notre Dame's hand. That probably would require the acquisition of at least three Big East teams. If that doesn't happen, expect Notre Dame to remain independent in football.


    MISSOURI: This is a no-brainer. Missouri isn't happy with its lot in the Big 12, which adjusts its revenue distribution based on television appearances. Using 2007-08 school year tax documents, the Tulsa World found that Mizzou ranked sixth in the Big 12 that year in revenue received from the conference. The Tigers can double the conference distribution they receive by joining the Big Ten, and the Big Ten can add more than two million cable households by adding the Tigers. Plus, a Missouri-Illinois rivalry makes geographic sense.

    Prediction: If Delany offers a golden ticket, Missouri will accept. Hopefully, the school's rivalry with Kansas could continue in a non-conference capacity.

    NEBRASKA: Nebraska is a tougher call. We know the Cornhuskers want a better deal. How do we know this? Because in the process of shooting down the Kansas City radio report Monday, Cornhuskers' brass made it a point to remind us that Nebraska wants a better deal. "Both Chancellor Harvey Perlman and Athletic Director Tom Osborne have indicated that the university would consider any opportunity that would advance the interests of the university," a university release read.

    But Nebraska is a small state. According to 2000 census data, it has just 666,184 households. So Nebraska wouldn't bring in the cable revenue other schools might. What it would do is give the BTN another program with national cachet that could help get the BTN moved to expanded basic in markets outside the Big Ten footprint.

    Prediction: If the Big Ten offers, Nebraska is gone.

  • KC Star: KU, MU fans don't like the idea of Border War ending

    KU-MU clashes in Kansas City bring in millions of dollars for the city, and the three Border War games at Arrowhead have been worth $1 million for each school annually. That KU would possibly turn its back on that financial boon — even if it means playing MU in a nonconference game — was surprising to Missouri fans.

    “It hurts KU more than it hurts us,” said Paul Blackman, a Missouri alum, booster and former president of the Kansas City Tiger Club. “If (Perkins) wants to cut off his nose to spite his face, that’s fine with me. If Missouri wants to play somebody else at Arrowhead, I think they can.”

    Perkins said Tuesday that KU would be open to playing another school at Arrowhead if the situation called for it — though he acknowledged how special the Missouri games have been.

    “They’ve all been basically full houses,” Perkins said. “I think it’s a great, great, great game. But if we have to play K-State or Iowa State, there’s always somebody else out there.”

    Sure, but around here, there’s nobody else quite like the Tigers.

    “Personally, I don’t think (Perkins) represents the view of most KU fans,” Blackman said. “They hate us, but they love to play us.”

  • Tulsa World: Big 12 pair can't deny Lone Star pipeline
  • Houston Chronicle: If Big Ten calls, Missouri will listen hard
  • Alligator Army: Time for the SEC to attack
  • Rush the Court: The Big 12 and Pac-10 -- An Alliance?
  • College Football Talk: T. Boone talks expansion, OSU's ears perk up
    The Missourian: Pickens says Oklahoma State should stay in Big 12
  • SB Nation: Big Ten Expansion Tips: Invite the Arkansas Deaf Leopards

Mizzou Football Links

  • An early look at the Big 12 bowl picture
  • The Missourian: Missouri football team tracks racy words on social networks (This is actually a pretty interesting story)
  • PowerMizzou: Sneak peek: 2010 secondaries
  • PowerMizzou: Powered Up: Tiger football in the Big Ten
  • The Missourian: Former Mizzou wide receiver pleads guilty to assault

    Former Missouri wide receiver Tommy Saunders was sentenced to 15 days in the Boone County Jail after pleading guilty on May 5 to misdemeanor third-degree assault.

    The charge stemmed from a Nov. 20, 2009, incident in which court documents say Saunders punched Branden Gregory outside Tonic, a nightclub at 122 S. Ninth St., giving Gregory a broken nose and a concussion.

Other Football Links

Basketball Links

  • Rush the Court: Morning Five: 05.13.10 Edition (congrats to OU for averaging higher "attendance" than Mizzou ... clearly this number is derived from tickets sold ... now about how many actually "attended" the game...)

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Baseball
    The Trib
    : Tim Jamieson in need of good laugh Mizzou Baseball in the Minors: Gibby going places