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Mizzou Links, 5-14-10


Just wanted to see if I could make The Google explode. (<a href="">Via</a>)
OMG ERIN ANDREWS AND BIG TEN EXPANSION IN THE SAME POST. Just wanted to see if I could make The Google explode. (Via)

The first non-Lebron story on today's SportsCenter came 26 minutes in.  And they flipped back to LeBron three minutes later.  Wow.  This is going to be worse than Favre.

(My only thoughts on the matter: as a great Pirates blogger pointed out last night, the similarities between the Cavs and 1992 Pirates are absolutely frightening. Hope he stays with Cleveland, just because I'm a fan of the underdog and the underdog city. Plus, New York would still suck without him, and Chicago is Jordan's city. Think the pressure and the MJ comparisons are strong now?  See what happens if you're playing in MJ's arena 41 times a year.  Stay with Cleveland. Now I will try to tune the story out for the next two months.)

Yep. Expansion.

And from Ivan Maisel...

2. Rutgers sent out a press release Wednesday trumpeting how the football team is the only state university to rank in the top 10 percent in the NCAA Academic Progress Report scores in each of the last three seasons. It’s also the only one of those schools to win a bowl game last season. Yoo-hoo! Big Ten! Are you listening? We play football and we’re smart! Yoo-hoo! Over here!

3. Speaking of which, Oklahoma State uber-booster Boone Pickens opined Wednesday that he doesn’t believe the Cowboys should leave the Big 12 for another conference. That’s interesting, because Oklahoma State’s name hasn’t come up very often, if at all, in expansion talk. In other news, one of the guys who’s not Bono or The Edge announced he’s staying in U2.

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