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Mizzou Links, 5-18-10

We'll start with expansion again...

  • The ACC's New TV Contract
    Dallas Morning News: The ACC's new TV contract and its Big 12 impact
    Bring On the Cats: Is the ACC's new TV deal a positive sign for the Big 12?
  • Dallas Morning News: Big Ten should heed ACC expansion woes

    [I]f the many rumors are true that three to five new schools could be targeted, Delany and his staff will face a good deal of fence-building within the current membership.

    The perfect example in that regard is the ACC. The league's acquisition of three Big East teams in 2005 and 2006 so rearranged the landscape that the governor of Virginia at time — Mark Warner — ultimately emerged as the primary power broker.

    Duke and North Carolina, the two schools that account for about 99 percent of the ACC's reputation as a basketball kingpin, weren't wild about the idea of adding so much as a 10th team, much less zooming to 12.

    Schedules had to be revamped across the board, travel expenses in minor sports soared, and any semblance of a "conference family" was forever abandoned.

    So much ill will was created among the old Big East clan that pre-raid relationships will never be restored.

    At the end of the turmoil, the ACC wound up a weaker basketball conference, roughly the same in football and with a baseball "championship" tournament that prohibits four teams every year from even competing.

  • The Missourian: Expansion popular topic at Big Ten meetings
  • Rock Chalk Talk: Future of the Border War: A Fan's Take

    We don't need the history rehashed here.  The teams disagree on the record against each other in football.  Do a quick Google search for Kansas/Missouri rivalry and you can read quotes for days about the hatred of each other.  Do I really believe there's a chance that Lew Perkins will even attempt to put an end to this if Missouri does end up in the Big 10?  No, I don't there is a chance of it happening.  

    What I do think is possible and something I am 100% against is moving the basketball game off campus to Kansas City.  When the football game was moved to Arrowhead Stadium, many people were not happy with the decision.  Nobody likes to lose a home game, especially one against the biggest rival.  Today, I think most people would say the move has worked out perfectly.  The stadium is full and the games have been terrific.  What works for football doesn't always work for basketball.  Don't take this game away from the Phog.  As much as I hate to say it, don't take it away from Columbia.

  • Burnt Orange Nation: Realignment Chronicles: Realignment 101
  • Dr. Saturday: Headlinin': Big 12's fate may hinge on shaky 'sense of trust'
  • Post-Dispatch: Delany is the Big Ten's point man
    Post-Dispatch: Expansion talk likely at Big Ten meeting
  • Dallas Morning News: Expansion looms large at Big Ten meetings
  • Maize 'n Brew: Big Ten Armespansion: Survival of the Fittest in the Big XII
  • College Football Talk: Big 12 Network? Texas AD explores Longhorn TV

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Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Softball
    The Trib: Missouri feels the love, hosts NCAA regional
    The Trib: Tigers see how the other half lives
  • Mizzou Baseball Will there be a post-season for MU?
    Mizzou currently sits at 7th. Baylor and Oklahoma State are both within statistical striking distance of passing the Tigers. The good news for MU, though, is that BU and OSU are playing each other in this coming weekend's final 3-game series, which means either of those teams could pass MU, bumping the Tigers to 8th place, but it is not statistically possible for both of them to pass MU. The success of one automatically is the failure of the other.

    If the Tigers win one game from the Longhorns, they will be out of reach of OSU. Missouri needs to win one more game next weekend than Baylor to stay out ahead of the Bears.

    So the Tigers are indeed guaranteed a slot in the Tournament. Staying out of 8th place would mean MU doesn't have to face Texas in the first game of the tourney.