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Mizzou Links, 5-3-10

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • The Trib: MU seniors chasing their hoop dreams

    Tiller and his teammates are realistic enough to know they’re not going to hear their names on June 24 during the NBA draft. They’re three defensive-minded players who never averaged even nine points during their careers in Columbia.

    But that doesn’t mean they can’t make a living on the hardwood. Whether they land in the NBA’s Developmental League like former Missouri guard Jason Horton or follow former Tigers Leo Lyons, Matt Lawrence, Rickey Paulding, Travon Bryant and others overseas, all three figure to have pro basketball opportunities.

    "Nowadays, if you don’t make it straight to the NBA, there’s some kind of route to get there, and even if you don’t make it, you can make some good money playing ball either way," Tiller said. "As long as you’re not struggling, as long as you have a chance to make some money and build a life of your own and learn the whole process, I think that’s the major thing, being able to just mature … know who you are and be able to live the life you always wanted to lead, no matter where it is."

  • Future Tigers Compete in All-Star Game (word via PowerMizzou via Facebook is that Ricardo Ratliffe had 29 points, 9 rebounds, 4 blocks ... wow)
  • The Dagger: The Pac-10/Big 12 series needs a serious overhaul
  • Missouri Tigers Caravan (via Englishscope24)

Mizzou Football Links

After the jump: softball going crazy with the bat, three tight baseball games in Lubbock, conference expansion, conference expansion, conference expansion, conference expansion, conference expansion, and conference expansion.

Mizzou Softball Links

Mizzou Baseball Links

Congrats to Aaron Senne for becoming Mizzou's all-time hits leader ... a sweet moment in what-if weekend that contained two late, one-run losses ... including one of those random, fun, 30+ run college baseball specials on Sunday ...

  • Mizzou 12, Texas Tech 8 Mizzou Takes Extra-Inning Battle with Tech
    The Trib: Tigers rally for four runs in 11th
    The Missourian: Missouri blows lead over Texas Tech, wins in extras Game Day: Mizzou makes up the difference
  • Texas Tech 5, Mizzou 4 Tech Evens Series with Tigers
    The Trib: MU baseball team loses to Texas Tech
    The Missourian: Outfielder makes game close, but Missouri still loses
    Dallas Morning News: Tech pitcher throws strong when Red Raiders needed it in win
  • Texas Tech 16, Mizzou 15 Missouri Drops Finale with Texas Tech
    The Missourian: Missouri infielder breaks hits record in baseball team's loss
    Dallas Morning News: Desperate for a reliever, Tech turns to catcher in 16-15 win
  • The Trib: Tepesch announcing his presence with authority

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Men's Golf Signs Emilio Cuartero (#1 amateur in Spain ... can't be bad)

Other (i.e. conference expansion ... again)

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Big Ten Buzz: The Week that Was
  • The colossal conference grind-up (a lovely, and long, look from SI's outstanding Austin Murphy)

    According to Swarbrick, Notre Dame would join the conference of Yost, Woody and Paterno only under certain, dire circumstances—namely, if its nonfootball partner, the Big East, were pillaged to the brink of extinction by the Big Ten. In other words, if the Big Ten adds just a single member, it won't be Notre Dame. Besides, says one former high-ranking network executive, "I'm not sure Notre Dame's the prettiest girl at the party anymore. I think there are other schools that would give the Big Ten better exposure."

    So Delany moves on to his next candidate: Missouri. The Tigers have been feeling like a bit of a stepchild in the Big 12 of late. For three straight years they've been shafted by the conference's oddly random bowl-selection process. (Recall how, after beating Kansas in the final game of the 2007 regular season and winning the North division, Missouri looked on as the BCS selected the Jayhawks to play in the Orange Bowl. One year later, the Gator Bowl bypassed the Tigers for a Nebraska team they beat by five touchdowns. And last season the Insight Bowl took a 6--6 Iowa State squad ahead of 8--4 Missouri.)

    Like many of their conference brethren, the Tigers are irked by what they perceive as the Big 12's Longhorn-centrism and how it distributes (or, more accurately, fails to distribute) its football TV revenue. Where the Big Ten and SEC dispense equal shares, the Big 12 has a weighted formula favoring its strongest teams. While the gentry rakes in $10 million, bottom-feeding Baylor must settle for $7 million—well shy of the $22 mil that its Big Ten analogue, Indiana, is pulling down.

  • Tulsa World: Beebe's task: Fend off Big 12 readers
    Big 12 Conference commissioner Dan Beebe is the second coming of either Nero or Teddy Roosevelt.

    Some believe Beebe is fiddling while the Big 12 gets burned by conference raiders who could steal as many as seven league teams.

    Others contend Beebe, like Roosevelt, is quietly wielding a big club behind the scenes as speculation over conference expansion rages.
  • Dr. Saturday: Colorado and the Pac-10 may be perfect for each other, but will they ever be together?
    SB Nation
    : Here We Go Again With Big Ten Expansion and Anonymous Sources
    Dawg Sports
    : How Big Ten Expansion Could Force the Texas Longhorns to Join the SEC
  • KC Star: A Big 12 breakup could hurt KU and K-State the most

    At the moment, Missouri has leverage and the best immediate future of Kansas City’s three local Big 12 schools.

    If invited, Mizzou could join the Big Ten and accept some $10 million more than it currently gets from the Big 12, as well as join a better academic conference. Or, perhaps, they could flip the Big Ten’s interest into a better situation in the Big 12.

    The future is much more tenuous for Kansas and Kansas State, which could be dealing with predicaments far worse than a ticket scandal or secret buyout for a failed football coach.

    At this point, KU and K-State are among the Big 12 schools that appear headed for either a bad situation or a worse one. This is the next break between college sports’ strong and weak, and KU and K-State may find themselves on the wrong side of the fault line.

  • KC Star (Campus Corner): Mizzou and the Big Ten: Academically Speaking
  • College Football Talk: Barry Alvarez 'anticipates[s]' expansion update soon
    Barry Alvarez told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Friday that he expects/hopes for an update on the progress being made when Big Ten ADs and coaches get convene in Chicago a couple of weeks from now

    "That's what I would anticipate," Alvarez said. "Whether there is anything concrete that he will give us, I don't know that."

    Alvarez was also asked if he had been following the rumor/speculation/innuendo that that's been hanging over the expansion issue the past few weeks, and used it as an opportunity to take a jab at the rumormongers.

    "No," he said, "because it is anybody's imagination. I keep seeing comments . . . things from three months ago being re-circulated. There is just nothing there right now.