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Truths in 2010

Alright, Rock Mers, I need your help here.

Bill and I are in the midst of putting together our summer content schedule, and for my upcoming series, I'm going to need the input of the community. What I need from you all are what you consider to be pretty easily accepted truths about Missouri football and the Tigers' 2010 opponents, prognosis, etc. I'm looking for widely adopted lines of thinking, both positive AND negative, about the Tigers and the Big 12

For instance, truths generally accepted within the fan base might include:

  • Blaine Gabbert will be the conference's highest rated passer
  • The Missouri pass defense will finish in the last quarter of the Big 12 rankings
  • Missouri will be unable to properly replace Danario Alexander
  • The Big 12 will again come down to Nebraska and Texas
  • Nebraska has no offense; The D will fail without Suh, etc.
  • Texas A&M is deserving of its sleeper status amongst Big 12 media

So let me hear 'em. I'll be picking out 11 of the responses for use as the summer progresses.