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Mizzou Links, 6-1-10

Happy June!  Once again, as mentioned yesterday, there's a softball sendoff a little before 2pm today...

Big 12 Meetings

  • Post-Dispatch: Beebe is Big 12's first line of defense
    Post-Dispatch: Questions are swirling as Big 12 meetings start (I'm serious ... GET A NEW DAMN PICTURE OF DAN BEEBE)
    Things have been quiet in the last three weeks since a flurry of erroneous reports that Missouri and Nebraska already had been invited to join the Big Ten. Before the recent Big Ten meetings, its commissioner Jim Delany sent an e-mail to conference officials to assure them no invitations were being made and re-emphasized his league's time of 12 -18 months to make a decision. That clock started ticking in December when Delany said the league would consider adding members.

    The Big 12 meetings might provide an opening for the conference to discuss in greater detail the possibility of an alliance with the Pacific 10.

    Beebe had talks with Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott recently about extending their relationship beyond scheduling, opening the door for joint media negotiations or even a joint network.
  • Dr. Saturday: Dysfunctional Big 12 family embarks on Kansas City reunion
    [T]here will be no shortage of contention in K.C. over more pressing matters, namely: a) A pending deal to keep the Big 12 title game in Jerry Jones' 25th Century Dallas space palace through 2013, to the exclusion of more frigid sites (i.e. Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City) in the North Division; and, more importantly, b) Beebe's alleged ultimatum to members thought to be in the crosshairs of Big Ten and/or Pac-10 expansion plans (i.e. Nebraska and Missouri, as well as Colorado and possibly Texas) to determine "who's on the plane and who's not."

    The conference begins ever-crucial television negotiations next year ("which looks like it's going to be a highly profitable situation for us," according to Beebe),  possibly in alliance with the Pac-10. But the commish can't sit down at a bargaining table with lingering uncertainty in the air, real or perceived: "We can't allow it [conference expansion rumors] to continue on, in my judgment."

Mizzou Football Links

And this isn't really Mizzou-related, just a good read: How economic downturn has affected Rust Belt states and college football recruiting.

Baseball Links

KU Schadenfreude

  • KC Star: Exercise equipment loan at center of blackmail investigation involving KU athletic director
  • Topeka Capital-Journal: Former KU employee wanted to force Perkins' hand


Nothing to do with nothing, but this ESPN "I scored a goal in the FIFA World Cup final" series of 3-minute documentaries is outstanding.  Have watched a few of them ... saving the others for work breaks.