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Mizzou Links, 6-14-10

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When you've got a town full of J-majors with nothing to do ... you get ... THE DOOR.

When you've got a local news outlet giving a live feed of the door of a university building, especially when you know almost nothing is going to come of the meeting you're so enthusiastically covering, that's when you know you've really made it as an athletic program, right?

Realignment Links

Mizzou Football Links

This was completely overshadowed by the weekend's other goings-on, but Mizzou scored its tenth football commitment of the 2011 recruiting class over the weekend.  His name is Ian Simon, a safety from Mansfield, Texas.  According to Rivals, he had offers from the likes of Air Force, Boise State, Virginia and Washington State.

Mizzou Basketball Links

In case you missed it, Larry Drew, the #15 Mizzou Player of All-Time according to Michael Atchison, was officially named coach of the Atlanta Hawks over the weekend.  Congrats!

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