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Mizzou Links, 6-15-10

I'll give you one guess what most of today's links are about...

Dan Beebe's a terrible commissioner?  TERRIBLE LIKE A FOX.

    The Trib: Texas stays, preserves the Big 12
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Texas stays, Big 12 survives
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Same as the old boss

    A source with knowledge of the proposed deal said the agreement would not only be centered around unequal revenue sharing but described it as a predetermined three-tiered structure, where Oklahoma, Texas and Texas A&M will represent the first and most lucrative tier with the chance to generate as much as $20-22 million in league revenue per year. The second tier would consist of Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, who would generate around $17 million per year. Finally, the bottom tier would consist of the other five schools: Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri. Their range of revenue was described as between $14-16 million.


    I'll be interested to eventually hear Alden's and Pinkel's take on the new agreement and the tiered system as described above. If so, it was clearly a concession to Texas and the other Pac-10 flirts that, ironically, could make the Big 12-minus-2 richer but more divided than before.

    The Missourian: Texas statement says it will stay in Big 12
    The Missourian: Texas decision to stay in Big 12 pleases Missouri officials
    KC Star: Rivals KU, K-State manage to work together
    KC Star (Upon Further Review): Sighs of Relief in KC
    Post-Dispatch: Big 12 lives; Mizzou has a home
    Post-Dispatch: Q&A: The future of the Big 12
    PowerMizzou: Back to the Big XII
  • National "THEY'RE STICKING TOGETHER!!" Links
    Dallas Morning News: Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe raises conference from the dead
    Dr. Saturday: It's alive! Texas shuns Pac-10 for big bucks in 10-team Big 12 (Andy Staples): In the end, it was money and Texas that saved Big 12 from extinction
    Tulsa World: Should Texas get the credit for saving the Big 12?
    Houston Chronicle: UT, A&M remaining part of 10-team Big 12
    Houston Chronicle: Big 12 simply following UT's lead
    Austin American-Statesman: Texas, nine other Big 12 schools, commit to staying in the league
    Austin American-Statesman (Kirk Bohls): Big 12 calls off funeral, but bad blood remains
    Daily Oklahoman: Big 12, like 'Humpty-Dumpty,' close to being put together again
    Daily Oklahoman (That Fruity Guy): Texas got strong-armed

    Something smells. I think Beebe's TV contracts will be a boon to all Big 12 schools. Every school will make significantly more money.

    But Texas knew that six months ago, when the Big Ten started sniffing around for expansion. Knew that in February, when UT athletic director DeLoss Dodds told me the Big 12's ship would come in on television contracts. Knew that Saturday, when Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott flew to the Southwest to issue a group invitation to the Big 12 schools.

    And still Texas made the decision to head West and would be announcing it today if not for the politicians.

    Sporting News (Brian Cook): Why Is The Big 12 Worth Saving? (College Basketball Blog): Save the Longhorns, save the world
    The Dagger: Winners and Losers now that the Big 12 is staying intact
    The Dagger: For Big 12 basketball, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
    Rush the Court: Texas Standoff Ends With Survival of the Big 12, er, 10...
  • Texas Tried to Get a Little More from the Pac-10 at the Last Second
    NY Times' Pete Thamel: "Texas made those demands to the Pac-10 at 11th hour, ending the talks. Hence, Texas greed keeps B12 alive. How quaint."
    Ralphie Report: Reports: Pac 10, Texas Disagree on Longhorn Television Network
  • Mizzou Reacts
    KC Star: Mizzou has mixed feelings about league news
  • ATM Is ... Making a Mistake?
    Dallas Morning News: Texas A&M Board of Regents making a debilitating move

    A&M could have escaped the "little brother" status in a move to the SEC. Yes, it was a risky move. Yes, it could have backfired and the program could have fallen flat on its face. But the potential ceiling of such a move was unparalleled.

    With the recruiting hotbed that is the state of Texas as its backyard, A&M had a chance to follow the University of Florida's lead. Like A&M in this hypothetical, Florida shares a major recruiting state with two powerful schools -- Florida State and Miami. The Gators also the only Florida team in the SEC. They have now hoisted two national football titles in the last five years. I bet those look nice next to their two national basketball titles they collected in the same timeframe.

    With a move to the SEC, away from two schools that have dominated the Texas recruiting ranks -- Texas and Oklahoma -- A&M could have begun to create a nationally recognized brand name.

    The Aggies could have removed the "sleeping giant" moniker many pundits have bestowed upon them.

    I Am the 12th Man: Diatribe
  • Other North Schools: WHEW
    KC Star: KU community exhales as Big 12 holds together
    KC Star (Campus Corner): Frank Martin discusses new Big 12
    Clone Chronicles: To the Brink and Back
    Bring On the Cats: The Big 12 Lives; We Gettin' Paid
  • Future Expansion?
    Houston Chronicle (Richard Justice): Big 12 survival presents opportunity for UH
    BCS Evolution: The Big 12 Lives. Now What?
    Crimson and Cream Machine: Does The Big Twelve Add 2 Teams?
    KC Star (Upon Further Review): What's ahead for the Big 12ish
  • Other
    Coug Center: PAC-10 EXPANSION: ESPN, FOX insert themselves into conference realignment


And finally, for those who are displeased by how this turn of events, here's something to cheer you up.  I don't say these words often, but ... well done, Newsweek!