2008-09 Big 12 revenue numbers


1. Oklahoma, $12,209,800 2. Texas, $11,783,807 3. Kansas, $11,494,441 4. Missouri, $10,449,437 5. Texas A&M, $10,180,582 From Ubben: "Missouri also made a big jump from 2007-08 to 08-09. The team's high-scoring offense (sixth nationally and third in the Big 12 at 42.2 points per game) and star power helped push the Tigers into their second consecutive Big 12 title game and enter the season ranked in the top 10. That combination helped them jump from $8.4 million and sixth in the Big 12 to $10.44 million and fourth in the Big 12." I'm really curious how this breaks down on a per-sport level. Football would obviously bring in the most, and as such, I'm surprised to see kU in the top three. I think their football was on national TV four times that year, so that might explain it...or am I missing something obvious? Here's the complete list. [Bumped to front page.]