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Mizzou Links, 6-25-10

"New Big 12" Links

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I had to rant on Twitter last night ... if I had the ability to travel through time, I might go back to around 1987, when I was starting to adopt the Blazers, Pirates, and Dolphins as my favorite pro teams ... and just suggest to my younger self that I can do better.  Cleveland has nothing on my "city" of pro teams.  The MLB team let Dave Littlefield, the worst GM in the history of baseball, run the show for a few years this past decade ... and the NBA team not only hired Kevin Pritchard and made me like a Jayhawk ... they also fired said Jayhawk last night for ... well, for Paul Allen suddenly being a nosy, meddlesome owner, I guess.  /self-pity  Anyway, good night for the Big 12 last night, eh?

Football Links

  • Healthy Robert Griffin hopes to end Baylor Bears' bowl drought

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