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Mizzou Links, 6-3-10

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First things first: for those in the KC area, feel free to stop by the 75th Street Brewery the evening of June 14 (5pm-7pm) for a SB Nation meet-and-greet.  Big things are afoot with SBN this summer, so head on by the Brewery to find out more about it.

Big 12 Meetings

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Castiglione makes a case for unity
  • The Missourian: Caution prevails at Big 12 meetings
  • Tulsa World (Dave Sittler ... hey Dave, we didn't win the Big 12 in Softball ... that means this WCWS season is worthless, right?): Prognosis for future of Big 12 is serious
  • The Trib: After one round, no knockdowns
  • Unequal revenue sharing will remain
    Though it's not an issue that will ultimately push schools to leave, Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe slammed the door shut on any chance of the Big 12 restructuring it's conference revenue structure in order to keep schools like Nebraska and Missouri from leaving.

    "Revenue distribution's been very well vetted within the conference and the board has determined that our method of distribution, which was appropriate when the conference was formed, based upon what was needed to form the conference, is one that will continue," Beebe said. "One athletics director that's been on the side of wanting more equal distribution said, 'It's not necessarily discriminatory. I've come around to a different view. If my program is elevated, which it has been recently, and I get more appearances, I get more money."
  • Houston Chronicle: Big 12 ADs eager to find out future alignments
  • Dallas Morning News: In face of Big Ten expansion threat, Big 12 may get pledge of loyalty from its members (yeah, okay ... that'll mean a lot ...)
  • Denver Post: Osborne scoffs at Big 12 balance
  • Denver Post: Big 12 has options in TV market
  • Daily Oklahoman: Big 12 officials seeking resolution
  • A&M's Byrne: ADs are 'mercenary'

Mizzou Softball Links

  • Tigers Open WCWS Play Against Hawaii
  • The Trib: Swinging for the fences
  • The Missourian: Change at WCWS could help Missouri softball team
    After teams combined to smash the World Series record by scoring 120 runs in last year's event, the walls in right and left field were moved back by 10 feet and made 2 feet taller. Now, the walls are 200 feet from home plate in the corners and stand 6 feet tall around the outfield.

    That will make it a little bit more difficult for players to go deep when play begins Thursday in a field that features five of the nation's top seven home-run-hitting teams: Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, Georgia and UCLA.
  • PowerMizzou: Not just happy to be there
  • KC Star: Missouri pitcher Nottelmann has been a pleasant surprise during NCAA run
  • KC Star: Practicing for College World Series, reserve on MU softball team struck by ball
  • Rhea Taylor Earns All-America Honors

Mizzou Basketball Links

  • KC Star (Campus Corner): Mitchell Says He Could Be at MU in the Fall

    WFAA reported that Center of Life is a private school accredited by a home schooling association that is not recognized by the Dallas district, and that 14 of Mitchell’s credits were not transferable. Citing sources, the station reported the Pinkston principal allowed Mitchell to take the make-up exams and the school classified him as a senior.

    WFAA also reported that Mitchell’s credits have been taken away and that he will not graduate with his class this weekend. The station spoke to Mitchell’s mother, who said her son has done nothing wrong, has earned all of his grades and credits and will graduate. Mitchell contended the TV report came as a surprise to him.

    "Just Finding Out,," he posted on his public Facebook wall. "Haters These Days.

    "LOL Thanks Everyone Who Believes In Me And Is Supportive.

    "I will be At mizzou bottom Line They Just Tried To Come At Me In A Wrong Way Without All The Facts But That's How the Media Is."

Other Basketball Links

Football Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Volleyball
    : Volleyball Class Ranks No. 14 Nationally (not bad for a two-person class)
  • Mizzou Baseball Tip of the Cap 2010: Mizzou Baseball Quotes & Notes


  • Rock Chalk Talk: Is it time for Lew Perkins to go?
    Tulsa World: Review targets Kansas AD
    KC Star: Former exercise equipment owner says KU athletic director gave him a check