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Programming note:

While we are about to go back into full-on Softball Mode over the next few days, I thought this was a good time to let everybody know that Opponent Weeks for football start on Monday with Illinois Week.  For those new to the site, what we tend to do is focus a week on each (non-FCS ... sorry, McNeese State) opponent, with different features running each day.  In general, a given Opponent Week will go as follows:

  • Monday: Opponent Links (an all-bullets summary of things you should know about this team, its offseason, and its prospects for the fall)
  • Tuesday: Beyond the Box Score: Offensive Preview
  • Wednesday: Beyond the Box Score: Defensive Preview
  • Thursday: still potentially up in the air (Ross has been kicking around a couple of ideas)
  • Friday: Community projections

Sprinkle in output from ghtd36 and any relevant ZouDave videos, and that's a pretty decent week.  Does anybody have any other requests for how a given Opponent Week will unfold?