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Mizzou Links, 6-8-10

First things first: if you only read one conference expansion post among the 178 links below, read Panjandrum's Twelve Angry Men at BOTC.  You will not regret it.  I tried to blurb it but couldn't figure out which piece to blurb.

The expansion links are coming at us so hot and heavy that I had to break them out by topic. This issue is just exhausting.  But on the bright side, this links post would have had about five links if not for expansion.


  • Summary pieces (Stewart Mandel): Notre Dame to Big Ten among 16 possible expansion scenarios
    Dr. Saturday: Stayin' alive: Three scenarios for Big 12 survival
  • Is Bigger Actually Better?
    Dr. Saturday: Wait: In conference expansion, does size equal profit?
    SB Nation: The Pac-16 and Big 16 Will Make Buckets of Cash. Or Not.
  • "Screw you guys, I'm goin' home"
    PowerMizzou: Powered Up: Calling the bully's bluff
    The Trib: Mum's the word on ultimatum
    The Missourian: No confirmation of ultimatum placed on MU
  • Pac-10 is the big dog right now
    SB Nation: How Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott Played the Big 12 in the Media (Bruce Feldman, $): Pac-10 commish Larry Scott puts heat on Big Ten expansion
    Burnt Orange Nation: Larry Scott, Kill This Deal
    College Football Talk: Pac-10 officials visited UT, A&M before ultimatum was given
    California Golden Blogs: Pac-10 Expansion Scenarios: Will the Conference Play, or Get Played?
    The Rivalry, Esq.: The Pac 16: Good for the Big Ten, Bad for College Football
  • Baylor begs for Big 12 Solidarity While Pleading for Pac-10 invite (Andy Staples): Bayllor's Kenneth Starr tightropes between Big 12 loyalty, not being left out
    Dr. Saturday: Starr report 'guardedly optimistic' about Baylor's fate in expansion shuffle
    College Football Talk: Baylor regent lobs 'corn shuckers' blast at Nebraska (!!!!)
    Dawg Sports: Are the Baylor Bears a Dealbreaker for the Pac-10's Expansion Plans?
    News 8 Austin: Baylor president responds to Pac-10 expansion effort
    The Ralphie Report: Baylor Actively Playing Both Sides of the Fence, Buff Fans Circling the Date 10/16/2010
  • Anything from the Big Ten? Anything at all?
    Post-Dispatch: Big Ten won't be rushed on expansion
    Black Heart Gold Pants: Texas Will Not Join the Big Ten
  • "Notre Dame was at the Big Ten meetings!" "No we weren't!" "Notre Dame in deliberations with the Big Ten!" "No we aren't!"
    College Football Talk: Notre Dame, Big Ten 'are very much in deliberations'
    Pete Thamel on Twitter:
    Talking to ND AD Jack Swarbrick. On deliberations with the Big 10: "That’s just not true."
  • Kansas comes to NU/MU
    SB Nation: Whither Kansas? What the End of the Big 12 and Pac-10 Expansion Means for the Jayhawks
    The Missourian: KU chancellor urges Nebraska to stay in Big 12
    Dr. Saturday: Kansas begs Nebraska to save the Big 12, for old time's sake
    KC Star: KU, Baylor urge status quo
  • The Big 12 and Big East screwed themselves a while ago Big 12 blew it by eschewing playoff
    On the Banks (Rutgers): Nice going there, Big East
  • Other
    KC Star (Campus Corner): Big Ten Expansion: It Really Could Be More Than Athletic
    The Lost Ogle: Big 12: Six Feet Under?
    Denver Post: CU should join Mountain West, not Pac-10
    Maize 'n Brew: The Solution to the Big Ten's Expansion Problems: Make Pitt and Rutgers Merge
    Corn Nation: If the Big 12 Were a Ship, Would She Be Titanic?
    Tulsa World: Puzzling problem: Can the Big 12 fit the pieces together?

Mizzou Football Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Baseball
    : Mizzou Baseball in the MLB Draft
  • Mizzou Soccer [Incoming Freshman Dominique] Richardson Wins Athlete of the Year


  • NY Times: SB Nation Expands for Fans, by Fans

Nothing to do with nothing, but I loved this post about the Dunning-Kruger Effect.