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Where I Come From: Expectations for 2010

This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

For as much fun as I've had writing the different installments of the EA Sports Where I Come From series, I won't lie, this is the post I've been dreading the most. And when I say that, I hope the RMN community understands my hesitance.

Ever since tasting a little bit of success, Missouri fans have fought (or should have at least tried to fight) succumbing to the entitlement that drives us nuts about other fan bases. Between both the football and basketball programs, I personally have struggled trying to balance "possibilities" vs. "expectations," as the blurred line between the two in the Missouri online community frustrates me to no end.

Before 2008, we struggled with correctly defining what exactly an "expectation" entails. So rather than feeding into the easy trap of just throwing out record predictions and churning out cliché prognostication posts, let me tell you what I truly expect out of Missouri football in 2010:


  • I expect to thoroughly enjoy watching Andrew Gachkar's heart throughout final year of eligibility.
  • I expect to once again have to co-chair the Carl Gettis Fan Club with Bill C.
  • I expect Will Ebner to blow somebody up.
  • I expect the linebackers to be the strongest unit on the team.
  • I expect to either be thrilled about Blaine Gabbert's senior season in 2011 or thrilled that he put up good enough numbers/led Missouri to a good enough 2010 to warrant entering the NFL Draft.
  • I expect Missouri fans to undervalue Derrick Washington during the season and overvalue him after the season.
  • I expect to sigh loudly when playcalling is inevitability whined about at some point.
  • I expect a competitive football team that goes about its business the right way, a team of which I'm proud to be a fan.

So, to you Rock M Nation readers, what do you expect in 2010?