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Mizzou Links, 7-23-10

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Mizzou (and Big 12) Football Links

First things first: Mizzou-Illinois tickets are on sale!!

Second, Gabe and PowerMizzou were on a friggin' roll yesterday, dropping both perspective and news...they're all over the football links...

  • All-Conference Team
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Smith, Barnes land on preseason All-Big 12 team
    The Trib: MU's Barnes, Smith on preseason Big 12 team
    The Trib (Dave Matter): Dave's ballot: Big 12 individual honors
  • PowerMizzou: Danario Alexander anxious to return
    He said his rehab has been going very well and he'll be back to full strength in a couple more weeks. At that point, Alexander said he will choose from a small group of NFL teams that have expressed interest in signing him. He declined to name the specific teams, but he did say that he and his agents have narrowed the list down to three.

    "A couple teams said they want to see me work out, just to see me run and stuff like that," Alexander said. "But a couple teams have said they'll sign me right off the bat. I'll be making my decision in about two weeks and I'll be ready to go from there."
  • (Gabe Dearmond): It's time to forget last year
    As far as the bowl games go, well, you can't really deny what happened. Nebraska came out pissed off, wanting to prove what it did in the Big XII title game was no fluke. They had the good fortune to be matched against a team on which I could not name a single player. Sorry, Arizona, but if there weren't 342 bowl games, you wouldn't have been in one.

    Meanwhile, Missouri went to Houston pissed off as well. Except they were pissed off they were in the Texas Bowl. They thought they were better than that game. The way they played, the Tigers may not have beaten a Texas high school team, much less a participant in the Texas Bowl. Navy ran all over Mizzou and, more disturbing, threw all over them as well. The game has been relived more in the past six months than any single Missouri sporting event I can remember. If I see the words Navy or "two-man front" in an Internet post now, I simply gloss right over it to the next topic. We get it. Missouri sucked. You're mad about it. Get over it.
  • Football Senior Feature: Andrew Gachkar and Luke Lambert
  • PowerMizzou: All-Sleeper Team: Offense
  • PowerMizzou: Scouting the North: Quarterbacks
  • PowerMizzou: 2011 Tiger recruiting mailbag
  • Agentapalooza
    EDSBS: A WORD FROM NPAA CHAIRMAN FATSACKS ROBINSON (Andy Staples): Nick Saban, NCAA don't have power of NFLPA to stop agents
    National Football Post: Sources: Financial advisors key to NCAA case
    Tulsa World: Bob Stoops also concerned about unscrupulous agents
    The NCAA Championship Issue: On the Warpath: the NCAA is Comin', To Your Cit-tay
  • Uh oh, Iowa State
    Des Moines Register: ISU football: David Sims being investigated for unlawful use of credit card (h/t Clone Chronicles)
  • Ha ha, K-State
    KC Star: Former K-State president said in deposition that he had doubts about Bob Krause's abilities as AD
  • And to make it up to K-State...
    Lost Lettermen: Who's Hot? K-State's Ell Roberson Now An Engineer

Mizzou (and Big 12) Basketball Links

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Baseball 3 Mizzou Tigers in 1 MLB game Farewell to Luke Cassis (also leaving the Mizzou Baseball program ... for entirely different reasons)
  • Mizzou Soccer Meet Danielle Nottingham

And speaking of RSS feeds, make sure to add one more ... Missouri Tiger Volleyball has a blog ...


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