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Now Available: The 2010 Missouri Football Preview!

UPDATE, 7/28: Bumped to the top for the morning crowd.

We thought we would never finish it, but we did
.  Rock M Nation's first official publication, the 2010 Missouri Football Preview is now available for sale.  Aside from a guest columns from the Columbia Tribune's Dave Matter, this was done entirely in-house (if you include other columns, and we couldn't be prouder.

When you think of Rock M Nation's football coverage, what comes to mind?  Stats?  The 2010 Missouri Football Preview has them (though not too much of them).  In-depth coverage and opinion?  Done.  Wit?  How about columns from Michael Atchison, Greg Tepper (ghtd36) and Seth Rosner (The Beef)?  An eye toward Mizzou's proud history?  We've got that too, with three lengthy pieces reflecting on seasons from 25, 50 and 75 years ago.  The Preview has everything you would hope for from a Rock M Nation publication, and we really hope you like what you see.

To purchase the 2010 Missouri Football Preview, either click the link above or simply follow the instructions below.  This is an online publication, made available through, and you can order a copy to be shipped anywhere in the country.  The price is $13.50. For a download-only PDF version, it is just $5. We cannot control the pricing at Lulu, so we couldn't give you the PDF for free through the storefront, but if you order both versions and send your proof-of-purchase e-mail and PayPal user info to rockmnation at gmail dot com, we will give you a $5 rebate through PayPal.

We hope to make this an annual publication, bigger and better each year. But to accomplish that, we need to make ourselves as attractive as possible to booksellers and advertisers in the area. How do we do that? By selling as many copies as is humanly possible. We hope that if you have derived $13.50 worth of information and entertainment from this site over the past few years, you will consider making this purchase and helping us out. You will not be disappointed in the product.

We will be starting an FAQ section after the jump, so help us fill it out with helpful questions to answer! But do so after purchasing, of course!

How long is this publication?

94 pages.

Is it available in stores?

Not at the moment, no.  We are still somewhat hopeful, but right now, it is an online-only purchase.

What content does this magazine have that I can't already read on Rock M Nation?

The Columbia Tribune's Dave Matter discusses Mizzou's future after conference realignment, Michael Atchison walks you through Mizzou's history from A to Z, Greg Tepper delivers a Missouri fan's letter to God, and Seth Rosner relives the greatest tailgate ever.  PLUS: extended unit-by-unit walkthroughs of the Missouri team, previews and tidbits of Mizzou's opponents and conference non-opponents, and three history pieces, two of which (1935, 1960) have not yet been discussed in detail on the Ol' Rock M.  It's like the content you find here, but it isn't the same content.

Who did the layout?

Her name is Colleen Cusumano, she is the wife of RMN poster MizzouCus, and she was absolutely outstanding to work with.  At one point, she actually e-mailed us to make sure we didn't have anything for her to work on.

Who took the pictures?

Bill Carter.  Duh.

Is this in color?

Yes and no.  The download is.  The printed copy is not.  Hazards of selling online and not having a clue how many you might sell.  That is why we wanted to set up the download rebate -- these are Bill Carter pictures here, and they deserve the splendor of full color.  That's why you want to also purchase the downloaded version and let us send you $5 via PayPal.

Is it true that not purchasing this magazine is hazardous to my health?

The powers that be in the lobbying organizations keep stopping our research into this matter, so we can't answer negatively or affirmatively. You should probably buy it just to be safe, though.

What is the official bar of Rock M Nation?

McNally's is the official bar of Rock M Nation!