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1972 on YouTube

Before we dive back into ZouDave's videos, here's another video treat.  It has been brought to my attention that the 1972 Mizzou highlight video (narrated by Jack Buck!) has been posted to YouTube by one of our RMN posters (Tigerborn), and I felt it deserved a stand-alone post.  This is fantastic stuff.

As a refresher, first go read the 1972 History piece again from last summer: Part One, Part Two, Part Three. This was an up-and-down season, to say the least, with a 62-0 loss to Nebraska (hilariously glossed over entirely in this video--this video is about the good moments) followed by a shocking 30-26 win over Notre Dame.  Mizzou made the Fiesta Bowl one season after going 1-10 in Al Onofrio's first year.  Anyway, here are the two parts of the video.  Enjoy.