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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - With the addition of the touchdown terrace, Mizzou seems ready to make the in stadium comfort as good as being at home. My question: what do you want them to add/improve next to better the fan experience at the games?

2 - 20 years ago this October, the Missouri Tigers defeated the #12 (and eventual split National Champion) Colorado Buffaloes… or so Mizzou fans claim to this day.

The infamous 5th Down Game is still discussed to this day by Tiger fans. Imagine you are the head ref, and it has just come to your attention after Colorado spiked the ball on what everyone thought was 3rd down was actually 4th down. The 5th down has yet to be played and you and your crew now knows Colorado has been given 4 downs already.

What ruling do you make?

Do you penalize Colorado because they thought it was 3rd down and give the ball to the Tigers? Do you in effect give Colorado a 5th down by forcing everyone to replay the spiked ball down? How do you rule?

3 - Rule #1 of a baseball date -
NEVER LET A FOUL BALL HIT THE GIRL.  What are some other baseball date rules?

4 - On a scale of "Cleveland fans after drafting LeBron" to "Cleveland fans after LeBron chose Miami",
describe your feelings on RPT’s absence these past weeks.

Michael Atchison: 1 - I don’t expect this to happen ever, but actual seats instead of bleachers would be nice.  Many fans are, um, wider, than they used to be, and there’s often some creative human arrangement done in the sections.  Sometimes your "seat" is about six inches wide, and sometimes it’s not quite where it’s supposed to be.  Also, a concierge would be nice.

2 - You play it out exactly as it happened.  There was a screw-up.  Everyone on the field thought the fourth down was actually third down, and played it accordingly.  Some problems are unfixable.

3 - No sex till after the fourth inning.

4 - I saw this last night, and my first, real reaction was the same as one of the posters: RPT was gone?  That’s a comment on me, not him.  I, perhaps, have not been paying my best attention through the dog days of roundtable.

And in my defense, with his tweets, it’s like he’s been around.  For those not following him, let me summarize his last hundred posts to Twitter:  This internship is awesome! and Man, I work a lot of hours!

ghtd36: Those questions are nice and all, and I'll get around to them eventually. But for now:

Last night was fun.

Michael Atchison: And let me summarize all of Greg’s tweets this summer:  TexasRangersTexasRangersTexasRangersTexasRangersTexasRangersNeftaliPerezTexasRangersTexasRangers!

ghtd36: HEY! I've done a little promoting of the RMN Preview Magazine, too. Jerkwad.

Also, thank you for falling into the Neftali Perez trap. It's Neftali Feliz, yet he is somehow commonly mistaken as Neftali Perez. A running joke over at LoneStarBall is the mythical Neftali Perez, and how the Rangers should try to trade him for an impact bat.

Michael Atchison: I wouldn’t know Neftali Perez Feliz if he threw a fastball at my head.  For a while, I didn’t even know he was a baseball player.  I just thought you were having seizures.

RPT: My next tweet will be about how much Atch sucks.

/surprise cameo

ghtd36: OMG IT'S RPT.

Michael Atchison: OK, I know that guy.  He even got a mention in my piece in the RMN 2010 Missouri Football Preview, available for just $13.50 at this reputable internet retailer.

ZouDave: I should probably read all of the responses so far before answering, but I'm not gonna.  I'm a rebel like that.

1 - Wider concourses would be the main thing for me.  The part of the gameday that I hate the most is the walk to my seats and the walk out.  Just way too packed in, and it annoys me.  I would also like to see more concessions or at least somehow streamlined, because on the rare occassion that I do go get a drink or something it takes FOREVER to get through the line.  Other than that, I don't really need much.  I'd certainly like a more comfortable seat, but I spend so little time actually sitting that it doesn't matter all that much to me.

2 - It wouldn't be penalizing would be enforcing the rule.  It's just as much their job to know what down it is as it is the refs.  That was 4th down.  You don't help out a team that is breaking a rule, intentionally or not.  That was 4th down, it's Missouri's ball.  Done.

3 - Rule #2, don't be a douchebag.  Rule #3, baseball sucks.

4 - I'd say "Cleveland fans being asked about baseball" in that they don't really notice until someone brings it up.

(45 minutes later...)

ZouDave: Wow...did I kill the roundtable already?

ghtd36: No. Atchison is just being a jerk, so we're all practicing non-violent protest.

ZouDave: As Mr. Burns once said:

"Non-violence never solved anything!"

Michael Atchison: Back in my day, we used to be able to hurt each other’s feelings and still carry on a conversation on the internet.  Or at least we would have been able to if there had been an internet.

I’m going for a run.  Talk amongst yourselves.

ZouDave: You're not the boss of me!

So...uh....hey everyone.  How's it going?

(90 minutes later)

Michael Atchison: While I was running, unbeknownst to me, my 9 year old daughter was reading my e-mail.

She asked "Daddy, do you know someone named Greg."

"I know a few people named Greg."

"There’s someone named Greg who says that you’re a jerk."

Look at what you did, Greg.  Look at what you did.

ghtd36: I admire your daughter's courage to tell it like it is.

ZouDave: I think Atch owes us all beers for us not leading him to answering questions like:

"Daddy, who is Jenna Haze?"
"Daddy, who is the girl they keep saying says things?"
"Daddy, what's a rim job?"

ghtd36: "Daddy, why do all these people want to do awful things to that guy's sister?"


ghtd36: If RPT ever met ZouDave's Sister:

ZouDave: I figured it'd be:

ghtd36: ZouDave: determined to disprove the claim that RockMNation is family friendly.

ZouDave: I'm neither family nor friendly

ghtd36: In actual newsy type news, Iowa State's not a fun place to be right now.

ZouDave: crikey!

Michael Atchison: They called off practice and the football players are sandbagging.

In November, they’ll suffer a painful loss and an irate fan will call into a Des Moines sports radio station and complain that if they’d been practicing instead of sandbagging, they’d have won the game.

ZouDave: Michael Atchison:  Soothsayer.