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Mizzou Links, 8-12-10

So ... I guess Dave Matter was No. 201 and we were No. 202 then? Congrats to D-Sing for making the list, anyway...

Wow, Ames...

Jerrell Jackson

Practice Reports

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Wednesday Recap
    [W]hen I asked Pinkel about Kendial Lawrence on Wednesday, he said the coaching staff considers him a co-starter heading into the season, the same way the staff viewed Moore going into last season. Historically, the No. 3 back in MU’s offense hasn’t gotten many carries since the Tigers went to the spread offense in 2005, but here’s why MU would like to have multiple healthy options this season, including perhaps a freshman or two: If the Tigers want to run more two-back sets out of the shotgun, as they have the last few days, they need several healthy backs to practice those plays during the week.
  • PowerMizzou: Wednesday Workout
    I still believe a freshman running backs plays. One of those guys will be third string next year and we've seen over and over that the staff is going to get kids like that in the fray as true freshmen so they are ready when they're really counted upon. I'm torn between Marcus Murphy and Henry Josey. Both showed some flashes, especially using their quickness as receivers out of the backfield on Wednesday. Josey had a chance to make a huge play in 11-on-11. He had gotten unnoticed about 15 yards behind the secondary. Tyler Gabbert rolled left and threw a wobbly pass across his body about 40 yards to Josey. It may have been a case of being TOO open as the freshman dropped the ball. It would have been a walk-in touchdown. That play aside, Josey has impressed me.
    PowerMizzou (Photos): Quarterbacks and tight ends photos
    PowerMizzou (Video): Missouri goes one-on-one (Poor Daniel Easterly gets used and abused at the beginning of this video)
  • Blog: Weather Cools, But Competition Still Hot At Camp Pinkel
    On the final 11 on 11 drill, the offense is motivated to win after QB James Franklin takes the ball running down the field for a gain of 10 yards. QB Blaine Gabbert then throws a perfect pass to WR T.J. Moe for a definite first down. The defense gains back points in the next play when QB Franklin runs out of time and is pressured and touched by LB Jeff Gettys and DL Brad Madison for the sack. QB Tyler Gabbert is quick to pick up the offense when he throws a pass and TE Eric Waters makes the 15 yard catch. When QB B. Gabbert gets back in the game he has a tremendous long throw to WR Jerrell Jackson with DB Carl Gettis on the coverage to knock him out of bounds after the catch. B. Gabbert then has another sharp pass on the run to WR Jaleel Clark for a 20 yard gain. In the end, the offense wins this drill as well.
  • Fox Sports MW: August 11
    Several other Tiger freshmen are making a name for themselves and could find their way in the mix for possible playing time. Among those include TE Eric Waters, WR Jimmie Hunt and RB/KR Marcus Murphy. Murphy has been impressive using his quickness and receiving ability on offense, as well as running with the top targets on the punt and kick-off return teams.

Other Mizzou Football Links

  • The Trib: Coaches think defense will have its day
  • The Trib: NEWCOMER PROFILE: QB Tyler Gabbert
  • The Missourian: Freshman has perfect mentor for MU football career

    Missouri offensive coordinator Dave Yost flashes a smile when talking about [Eric] Waters. Certainly having potential first-string players deep on the depth chart makes Yost's job a bit easier.

    "He (Waters) has the athleticism of [Martin] Rucker," Yost said. "A lot of what Rucker could do is after he caught the football, it wasn't always 50 or 60 yards, but he got us the one or two yards extra that we needed. I think Eric has that."

    Still, it took Rucker two years to become an impact player with the Tigers, redshirting his freshman season and then increasing his number of catches in each of the four years he wore 82 for the Tigers.

    Yost is hoping Waters' performance in camp forces him to use the freshman in the tight end rotation, making it go four deep. Even if Waters is still fourth string by the time Missouri travels to play Illinois on Sept. 4 in St. Louis, contributions to special teams could help Waters bypass a redshirt. However, because Rucker redshirted, taking a year off be another cosmic, inevitable outcome for Waters.

  • The Missourian: Andrew Jones returns from offseason surgery
  • PowerMizzou: 2010 Tiger Mailbag
  • PowerMizzou: Freshman Q&A: Tristen Holt
  • PowerMizzou: Coach's Corner with Andy Hill
  • Big 12 braces for the end of an era
    MOST OVERRATED PLAYER: Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert. Yes, he threw for more than 3,500 yards and 24 touchdowns, but he did most of his damage against lightweight defenses. Against four top-35 defenses (Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma State and Navy) Gabbert completed just 46.3 percent of his attempts for an average of 208.5 yards. The Tigers lost all those games. He needs to raise his performance against good teams to truly be among the nation's elite quarterbacks.
    So ... no mention of the injury during those games? None at all?
  • Willy Mo
    The Falcoholic: William Moore Is No Six Million Dollar Man

Big 12 Links

Other Mizzou Links