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Scrimmage #1 Links and Thoughts


  • Offense Claims 56-48 Win in First Fall Scrimmage

A few thoughts on what I see in the box score:

  1. Quarterbacks completed 73% of their passes.  That's a bit more than I like to see.  It's never smart to make rash judgments from scrimmages, but I typically like to see the #1 QB doing great things, the #2 doing well, and the #3, 4, etc., getting lit up like a Christmas tree.  This is because I like to see the first-string offenses and defenses dominating against the lesser strings.  I wasn't there, so I can't tell you how the first-string defense looked, particularly against the second- or third-string offense, but it appears to be a bit of a mixed bag.  Jimmy Costello, Ashton Glaser and Tyler Gabbert combined to complete 43 of 58 passes (74%), but for only 7.1 yards per pass (T. Gabbert's 12 completions went for just 72 yards), so clearly there weren't many big gainers.  Plus, there were a ton of sacks, so ... yeah. Don't know what to think, so I'm just not going to think anything.

  2. Wherefore art thou, Wes Kemp?  Kemp has never been a big-time producer in scrimmages, and as Matter points out in a link below, he likely would have had at least one catch if not for a pass interference call, but ... let's just say that in Jerrell Jackson's absence, I was hoping Kemp would have a great scrimmage.  He did not.

    (And yes, I realize "Wherefore art thou" doesn't mean "Where are you." I still wanted to use it, so there.)

  3. Yes, it came against Mizzou defenders, but you have to love what we've seen (okay, read) from Derrick Washington this month.  Long receptions, long runs, dragging tacklers ... it certainly sounds like he is in the process of rediscovering the fifth gear that he lost sometime late in 2008.

  4. De'Vion Moore had two fumbles and had 30 yards on his 9 touches.  Kendial Lawrence (sorry, Kendial "God" Lawrence) had 105 yards and a touchdown in his 10 touches.  It likely goes without saying who's winning the battle for No. 2 RB.

  5. Michael Sam had five sacks.  I was really hoping that either Sam, Brayden Burnett or Kony Ealy forced their way onto the second string, and it appears that might be happening.  Quite a few people have been talking about the great DE depth Mizzou has, but I just wasn't seeing it heading into fall camp.  If Brad Madison (2 sacks himself) really is pushing Jacquies Smith for the starting job opposite Aldon Smith, and if Sam really is pushing or overtaking Marcus Malbrough, then I feel much better about where that unit is.

Scrimmage Recap Links

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Full Scrimmage Recap
    Starting outside receivers Wes Kemp and Rolandis Woodland combined for one reception for 9 yards — it was Woodland’s, and it didn’t happen until more than two hours had passed into the scrimmage. In fairness, they weren’t targeted too often, though Kemp had one pass glance off his pads and missed another that drew a flag for defensive pass interference. Also, Woodland seemed to be splitting his first-team reps evenly with backup WR L’Damian Washington. WR Jaleel Clark also spelled Kemp some. That leads me to believe these jobs on the outside are not locked down, especially Woodland’s position. On the inside, T.J. Moe was T.J. Moe, catching everything in his vicinity, including a diving grab of a 10-yard pass that drew some of the day’s biggest cheers. Same for TE Michael Egnew, who is shedding his inconsistency tag and establishing himself as one of Blaine Gabbert’s top targets. Is it a good sign or a bad sign that the day’s two longest receptions were hauled in by tailbacks?
  • KC Star (Campus Corner): Breaking down Mizzou's first scrimmage
    From what I saw, Kendial Lawrence will likely move past De’Vion Moore to the No. 2 tailback slot behind Derrick Washington. Moore can’t continue to fumble.

    Michael Sam will replace Marcus Malbrough as the No. 2 defensive end behind Aldon Smith. Rolandis Woodland is going to lose his starting receiving spot, possibly to L’Damian Washington. Wes Kemp was virtually invisible in the passing game, but he’ll retain his starting spot at the Z receiver.

    T.J. Moe reminds me of Tommy Saunders; a slot receiver who is willing to do all the little things and take the punishment. Hunt, and fellow freshman Brad Sasser and Marcus Lucas all have a chance to play but I still think one will redshirt.
  • PowerMizzou: Sam stands out in first scrimmage
    "Michael Sam, he's coming on real strong," Jacquies Smith said. "I think our defensive ends are playing great right now. We have a lot of depth there."

    According to Smith, Sam's performance was typical of the backups so far in camp.

    "They're giving us a good push," Smith said. "It's good competition. You all want to start, but we all know that everybody's going to be able to help the team in some form or fashion."

    The only time Sam didn't look excellent was on his fumble return. After getting the ball, Sam sprinted down the field with his eyes set on the endzone.

    He was all clear in front, but freshman quarterback James Franklin was making up ground quickly from behind. Eventually Franklin brought Sam down shy of the goal line.

    "We were giving him some grief about it," Smith said. "He's supposed to be clocked at a 4.5. That didn't look like 4.5 to me."
  • The Missourian: Notebook: Saturday's Missouri football scrimmage
    Reserve tight end Beau Brinkley had an impressive scrimmage. He had seven catches for 41 yards. But Andrew Jones had two top-flight catches late in the scrimmage. Michael Egnew's performance Saturday solidified his first-team position, but the battle between Brinkley and Jones to be Egnew's backup and possibly the fifth wide receiver could be an interesting storyline.
  • The Missourian: Quarterbacks fight for backup spot
    "I mean, I think there’s still a lot of competition there, which is good," Pinkel said. "It’s okay. Again, you just don’t look at a scrimmage… there’s a lot of things besides the scrimmage, although this is gameday and it does carry some weight."

    Although Pinkel and offensive coordinator Dave Yost say that the second-string position is still wide open, Yost acknowledges that Costello and Franklin have an edge over Glaser and the younger Gabbert.
  • D-Wash
    PowerMizzou: D-Wash rules the day in first scrimmage
    The Missourian: New and improved Washington impresses in scrimmage
  • Multimedia
    PowerMizzou: August 14 scrimmage photos
    PowerMizzou: Video: First fall scrimmage