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Wisdom of the Crowds: Week One

Now that most of Mizzou's opponents have been given the BTBS treatment, and now that you all own your copy of the 2010 Missouri Football Preview (you do right? RIGHT?), it's time to turn the predictions over to the community.  At Football Outsiders, they run a fun series called Wisdom of the Crowds, in which community opinions are pooled and averaged.  We're going to do the same here to find out how the Rock M community feels the season will unfold for not only Missouri, but all of the Big 12.

After the jump you will find a poll asking you to pick winners for each Big 12 game in Week One (September 2-5).  We'll compile the results and keep track of running standings (and estimated rankings) as the process unfolds.  Share your opinions on whatever games you like in the comments.  Let's hop to it!