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Mizzou Links, 8-19-10

Practice Reports

  • The Trib (Dave Matter): One and Done
    Blaine Gabbert is dialed in. Someone asked me the other day if freshman quarterback James Franklin is putting any heat on Gabbert for the No. 1 job, and here’s how I handicap the QB derby: Franklin is gradually distancing himself from the other backup candidates for the No. 2 job … but the gap between Gabbert and Franklin for the No. 1 job is separated by miles. This is Blaine’s offense, and the more comfortable he gets with his receivers, the more you see the junior unleash the kind of throws that will eventually earn him an NFL paycheck. From around the 40-yard line, Gabbert rolled to his right and launched a perfect strike into the end zone where only wideout Rolandis Woodland could catch it. (Hide your eyes, folks.) The ball hit Gabbert’s target in the hands, then fluttered to the turf. Either way, brilliant throw. From closer quarters, Gabbert clinched the practice victory for the offense by firing a touchdown pass to a diving T.J. Moe in the end zone. I’m starting to believe "Gabbert to Moe" might be the most prolific pass-and-catch tandem in the Big 12 this year, or at least one of the top tive. Who could have imagined that scenario three years ago when Gabbert was slogging through an injury-plagued senior year at Parkway West and Moe was just across the Missouri River knifing through defenses as Fort Zumwalt West’s quarterback?
  • PowerMizzou: Second scrimmage upcoming
    Jaleel Clark made a catch over middle and made a nice move to elude a linebacker. Clark isn't flashy, but he's catching everything and I feel confident he'll be in the mix at wideout.

    Ashton Glaser hit Rolandis Woodland with a perfect strike for about 35 yards down right sideline over double coverage. Glaser has been good the last week or so and Woodland has responded very well to the demotion to second-string after the last scrimmage.
  • Blog: Offense Wins Shortened Practice As Tigers Prep For Big Thursday

    Tomorrow's scrimmage is a big day for the team, Pinkel said.

    "It's a real important day tomorrow again to see where our football team is, to see where we've improved offensively and defensively, and I'm talking more in terms of the first and second team and then the competition for the depth and all those other things," Pinkel said. "Our goal tomorrow will be to get 35 plays or so with ones, twos and threes, a little less than that with fours," he added.

  • The Missourian: Short day for Missouri football team

    Pinkel discussed three freshmen wide receivers who have played well in the preseason: Jimmie Hunt, Marcus Murphy and Bud Sasser. Hunt is sitting out of practice this week with an injury, which Pinkel says will add to the pressure the other freshmen are already facing. Pinkel was vague about the future roles of Murphy and Sasser but indicated that decisions would be made about their playing time in the coming weeks.

    Receiver Kerwin Stricker is still out with an injured ankle and groin, and the team will do another CAT scan to determine the severity of the injuries. Defensive back Kevin Rutland also sat out with a back strain, but Pinkel said that he would be back soon.

  • Fox Sports MW: Tiger Camp Notebook: August 18

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