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Rock M Roundtable!

1 - Now that the ranking of the last 90 years of Mizzou Football is all but completed, If you could go back in time to experience one single season of football for your team, what season would you pick?

2 - Do you think that College football should have a preseason game available that does not count towards the standings?

3 - Now that tiger woods is free to sleep with as many women as he wants without it being cheating, how many majors does he win in ’11?

4 - Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis, Chapter 1, Problem 1. A lake with a surface area of 525 acres was monitored over a period of time. During a one-month period the inflow was 30 cfs, the outflow was 27 cfs, and a 1.5-in. seepage loss was measured. During the same month, the total precipitation was 4.25 in. Evaporation loss was estimated as 6.0 in. Estimate the storage change for this lake during the month.

The Beef (Ed. Note: Hey, look, everybody! It's The Beef!)): #1 – Tough question, because we experience the seasons far differently than we would have in the past.  In the past, you relied on newspaper, maybe a little radio and that was probably about it for your news from week to week.  Now (and I think we continue to forget how spoiled we are in terms of news being allowed out of the Mizzou camp as compared to other schools), there really is not much the average fan can’t find out.  It changes the experience in my book.  So do I have to experience the 1960 team in 1960 style?  Or 2010 style?

And yes, that was my way of not answering the question.

#2 – It would be nice for the fans, but I don’t think there should be.  You are free to schedule your out of conference foes however you see fit.  We choose to do that each year by warming up against some well-placed softies (Illinois included…I am BRINGING DA SMACK today).  While I think these guys get tired of playing one another in practice, it is just not real practical in my view.

#3 – He will always play better in majors (and a couple of other tourneys) than anywhere else, but I think he has some pretty serious issues with his swing.  His other issue, from what I understand, and related to the first, is that he simply does not play to play/practice anymore.  If he has lost the love and work ethic, then he really may be on the downslope of his career.

#4 – Ironic question, as the final class I took at Mizzou to graduate was Ag Econ/Introduction to River Management.  There was no curriculum on lake management however, so I refuse to answer.

Bill C.: So how DO you manage rivers?

The Beef: I managed rivers by showing up for more classes on average than I usually did throughout my college career, doing OK on the first few tests, knowing I needed a C to graduate and doing exactly what I needed to on the final to get that grade, even if it meant only answering a handful of questions and taking 15 minutes when the final was slated for 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Beyond that, it has to do with how and when you release some of the upstream water and what you intend to use the waterways for.  Or…it had to do with going out and planting a tree on campus.  We covered both…

RPT: 1. I won't lie, 2007 was pretty sweet. And screw you, Bill's numbers, 1960 would have been pretty sweet too.

2. Yes. Make an FCS-level game a preseason game in Week 0, then have your 11 or 12-game regular season composed of all FBS opponents.

3. Question: Does he have to win majors to seal the deal? Because that'd be an incredible bit of irony and it might be the only thing left to motivate him.

4. So Beef gets out on a technicality and I'm left analyzing a floodplain on my own? Sucks for whoever lives in the floodplain.

Doug: Wow... this Round Table is already off to a rousing start. Well done, guys.

1 - I'd probably want to experience 2007 again, even if the result at Arrowhead doesn't change.

2 - I don't know if they could get away with an entire game, but maybe a glorified scrimmage against an in-state D-II or lower opponent each year could be doable. For example, KU rotates with scrimmages against Emporia State, Fort Hays State, Pitt State and Washburn each year like the basketball team does with pre-season games.

3 - He always has a damn good chance of winning the Masters; course familiarity and a lesser field than the other majors, so I imagine most of his off-season will be geared towards building for Augusta in April. The US Open will be at Congressional in DC, and I think he's played that a handful of times but the US Open remains the toughest major to play. They'll play the Open at Royal St. George's in Sandwich, Kent... so, now I'm hungry. And, he returns to Georgia for the PGA Championship, I'm sure those won't be uncomfortable conditions to play in or anything. Anyway, I'll put his odds as follows: Masters 45%; US Open 20%; Open 33% and PGA; 30%. These are completely arbitrary numbers, but I think he'll win one, and it'll probably be the Masters.

And, I wrote all of that to do this...

4 - Screw you, Bill. Screw you.

By the way, did you guys know the Mountain West has a TV network? The Mountain West. Has. A. TV network. And, it broadcasts in High Def. One of the major metropolitan regions it reaches is the always desirable market of Douglas, Wyoming. I don't even know where that is!

So, basically, the Mountain West has it's own network and I hate Dan Beebe.

Michael Atchison: 1 - I think the answer has to be 1960, doesn’t it?  I mean, if the voting system that’s currently in place (after the bowls, not before) was in place then, that team could have been national champs.  I’d like to make an esoteric case for another year, but I’d be stepping on Bill’s toes, because he’s in charge of esoteric cases around here.  That said, I have a strong urge to relive 2007 all over again.  That.  Was.  Fun.

2 - No, I like jumping in head-first like we do now, and I can’t imagine the uproar when a Heisman candidate tears his ACL in a game against Western North Dakota A&T.

3 - I’ll put the over/under at one, and I’ll take the under.  Many, many years ago, I remember John McEnroe, who was at the top of his game, taking a few months off for personal reasons, and when he came back, he was done.  Not saying that Tiger’s career is over, but he doesn’t seem like he’s even remotely the same guy, and he’s getting to an age where he’s likely to lose some of his game, as Joe P wrote a few weeks back.  I’m not saying he’ll never win another one, but his odds at each event are substantially less than one in four.

Of course, the big news here is Jay Marriotti’s reaction:  "Elin’s available?"

4 - I was told that there would be no math at RMN.

ZouDave: 1 - Can I say 2007?  I'd like to live that one again.  That was GD fun.  Otherwise, probably 1960.

2 - No.  God no.  1000x no.

Hell no.

3 - Couldn't possibly care less.

4 - 42

The Beef: I’d give a smart-ass comment here, but this is probably more effort than Bill will put into answering these…so Dave is off the hook.


ZouDave: Who invited you, anyway?

The Beef: Funny thing about planning to be mostly out of the office for 7 weeks is that you end up handing off a lot of work before you leave.  But then, when you come back, you just don’t have that much to do, since other people now do your work.

ZouDave: I am interested in what you have to say and would like to subscribe to your mailing list.  Do you have a pamphlet I can take?

RPT: How have we not gotten a Baby Beef update? Is she starting to locate that 68 mph riseball on the outside corner yet?

The Beef: I am not so sure softball is going to be her chosen sport.  She has long legs and really big feet…REALLY big…and considering one of my best friends is married to a former 10X time All-American swimmer…methinks she may go that route.

Bill C.: I'm putting in as much effort as others are putting into creating the @BabyBeef Twitter account.

The Beef: RMN…where grandiose promises go to die left and right

/Mrs.BillC. twitter account/Better Know references

ghtd36: Yep, you nailed it, Beef. Eff me. If I were sandwiched between two speeding cars in a horrific crash, it's me that would be the collateral damage.

The Beef: Just trying to deflect…you typically are a worthy fall-guy


<<<<< Tepper                        Beef >>>>>>

(Five hours later...)

Michael Atchison: Wait till the world gets a load of this roundtable.

The Beef: Yeah…you all better bring it much stronger next week when it is game week…

…though I am sure Bill C. appreciates the late additions to this current version