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Time to Cleanse the Karma

Between the injuries of the last month and the arrests of the last week, it is clear that something negative has happened to Mizzou's karma.  As RPT proposed yesterday, in order to turn the karmic tables, it's time to take a page out of the Roll Bama Roll playbook (it worked for them, after all) and unveil some embarrassing admissions and hopefully satisfy the Football Gods into coming back to our side.  I'll go first.  IF YOU CARE ABOUT THIS TEAM, YOU BETTER NOT LEAVE ME HANGING.

1. I owned multiple Care Bears when I was growing up.  More, it turns out, than my wife did.  More Care Bears than G.I. Joe's, actually.  (Seriously, you better not leave me hanging on this one.)

2. I am still mad at Johnnie Parker for fouling up the ending of this game, and that probably is not healthy.

3. My favorite movie ever is Say Anything.  If that is not bad enough (and, honestly, I don't consider that bad at all), try this: I didn't actually mind Sleepless in Seattle.

4. My wife has a lot of Lady GaGa songs on our driving-to-work playlist (we commute together), and there are actually a couple of them I don't mind.  And there are a couple of her Rihanna songs that I outright enjoy.

Your turn.  We must satisfy the Football Gods.