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Mizzou Links, 8-3-10

Mizzou (and Big 12) Football Links

  • Pre-Snap Read: Who, What, When: Missouri
  • Statistically Speaking: Big 12 Preview (This is one of my favorite stat-esque blogs.)
  • PowerMizzou:'s all-Big XII offense
  • Daily Oklahoman: Players answer the tough questions


    If you could pick any two schools to replace Colorado and Nebraska in the Big 12, who would you pick?


    TCU 27%

    Arkansas 11%

    Houston 11%

    Boise State 7%

    Florida 7%

    Alabama 5%

    Utah 5%

    Miami 4%

    Notre Dame 4%

    Ohio State 4%

    Other receiving votes: Air Force, BYU, USC, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, UNLV, Tulsa, Rice, Cincinnati, Arizona, Memphis

    So there you go. Should I go ahead and start the "MIAMI TO THE BIG 12????" rumor, or would you like to?

    Note: After the jump is a long interview with Dan Beebe, from this same article. Didn't want the page to slow down by having that much embed code on the front page, so you have to click Read More to see it...
  • The Wiz of Odds: Turns Out, Texas A&M Is Not Flush With Cash

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Softball Marston Finalist For USA Baseball Team
  • Mizzou Soccer Soccer Prepares for Preseason