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Mizzou Links, 8-31-10

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Let's see ... August 31 ... I think that means ... yes, yes it does ... it's almost September!!!!!!!!!

Jackson / Depth Chart Changes

A Bad Few Weeks

  • KC Star: MU's Pinkel embarrassed by off-field incidents
  • Post-Dispatch: Pinkel 'embarrassed' by team's off-field problems
  • PowerMizzou: Audio: Pinkel on Big XII conference call
  • The Missourian: Pinkel discusses Missouri's disciplinary problems

  • Post-Dispatch: Mizzou's Washington charged with felony sexual assault
  • The Trib: Order of protection never served to Washington
  • KC Star: Sexual assault charge against Washington latest hit for MU program

Other Mizzou Football Links

  • (OFFICIAL RELEASE!!1!!!!): Arch Rivalry Takes Final Bow Saturday Morning

       Digging deeper into the previous topic, a further look into the results of the past three seasons shows that Mizzou has been dominant in its most important games – those against its Big 12 North brethren. From 2007-09, Mizzou has gone 13-2 in North Division games (86.7%). Here’s a look at the comparisons…

    vs. North CU ISU KU KSU MU NU
    2009 1-4 2-3 1-4 3-2 4-1 4-1
    2008 2-3 0-5 4-1 1-4 4-1 4-1
    2007 1-4 2-3 4-1 1-4 5-0 2-3
    vs. North 4-11 4-11 9-6 5-10 13-2 10-5
    Pct. 26.7% 26.7% 60.0% 33.3% 86.7% 66.7%
  • The Trib (Dave Matter): Tigers Meet the Press
    Missouri’s defensive coaches have to play what D-coordinator Dave Steckel calls the "what-if" game this week when preparing for Illinois and its first-year offensive coordinator Paul Petrino, who has worked previously under his brother Bobby at Arkansas and Louisville. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he runs a carbon copy of Bobby’s Arkansas offense. I’ll touch on this later in the week. "Every single game we play we know there’s going to be a new wrinkle," Steckel said. "That’s the beauty of game-planning and trying to match their checkers with our checkers."
  • KBIA Sports Extra: AUDIO: Blaine Gabbert discusses Illinois game, 2010 season
  • KBIA Sports Extra: VIDEO: Gary Pinkel on Munir Prince's frightening injury
  • PowerMizzou: Like father, unlike son: Opening week
  • Post-Dispatch: Five keys to Mizzou's season
  • Post-Dispatch: Tigers seeking 'a higher level'

    The most humbling of times during the 30 years between Devine and Pinkel was the nine-year period under Woody Widenhofer (1985-88) and Bob Stull (1989-93), in which MU won a total of 27 games.

    By contrast, Pinkel's teams have won 30 games the past three years and been to a school-record five straight bowl games.

    While there are many more bowl games now and MU's prosperity has been helped by gobbling down nonconference cupcakes, it's also significant that only two Big 12 teams, Texas and Oklahoma, have won more conference games the past three years.

    All of which has MU fans simply wanting more and soothes Pinkel … not much.

    "What I always tell everybody is don't ever think the posse's not still back there behind you," he said, smiling but not really joking one day during camp.

  • Mizzou-Oklahoma Tickets On Sale Wednesday

Big 12 links and more after the jump.

Big 12 (and Illinois) Football Links

  • SB Nation: Big 12 Preview: A Breakdown Of All The Must-See Dates On Conference's Farewell Tour

    SEPTEMBER 04: UCLA at Kansas State, Missouri v. Illinois (St. Louis)


    Missouri is a good bet to run their record against Illinois in this neutral-field series to 6-0, as junior QB Blaine Gabbert looks to take a big step forward after a promising debut last season. Despite a rough summer of offseason news, Tigers fans have reasons to be optimistic, and Missouri represents the best bet to disrupt Nebraska's plans to win the North Division for the second-straight year.

  • PowerMizzou: Big XII Camp Review
  • Scheduling
    The Missourian: Big 12 coaches schedule easier opponents early in season
    Daily Oklahoman: Bill Snyder wants softer nonconference schedule
    Topeka Capital-Journal: Risky schedules lack rewards
  • Illinois
    Decatur Herald-Review: Illini secondary a primary concern
  • Colorado
    Denver Post Blog: CU's Hawkins: facing CSU not 'no-win' proposition
  • Kansas State
    KC Star: Snyder, Wildcats have a lot riding on this season
  • Nebraska
    Barking Carnival: Bo Pelini Has These Fangs and These Claws
  • Oklahoma
    Tulsa World: OU's Ronnell Lewis likes to hit
  • Texas Sam Acho Kickin' It with Erin Andrews
    Burnt Orange Nation: We've Got Issues: Longhorns Preseason
  • Texas A&M
    Dallas Morning News: Mike Sherman embraces Texas A&M traditions Dennis Franchione ignored
    Houston Chronicle: A&M loses DL Stephen Barrera for season with hip injury
  • Texas Tech
    Dallas Morning News: Tuberville on Sunday game: 'I want everybody to see what this program is about'

Other Mizzou Links

  • Mizzou Soccer Soccer Prepares for Chicago
  • Mizzou Volleyball Kreklow Earns Big 12 Weekly Honor
    KBIA Sports Extra: Quite a Debut: Kreklow earns Big 12 Rookie of the Week honors
    The Missourian: Kreklow wins weekly Big 12 honor despite dislocated pinkie


For those looking to hop on the Football Outsiders train this year, I thought I'd share this post from our dear leader, Aaron Schatz - FO Basics: Different Kinds of Stats.  If nothing else, it's a fun read because of this line:

As I often say, intangibles are called intangibles because they are intangible. We don't do stats that measure leadership or team chemistry. That doesn't mean these things don't exist, just that we can't measure them. Leadership and chemistry can develop over time and will affect other teammates, and it is hard for us to guess how. "Heart," on the other hand, is just another element of a player's performance, no different from strength, speed, or ability to learn the playbook. Contrary to popular belief, there is a stat that measures heart. There are a lot of them, in fact. They are called "stats." Most of the guys who have "heart" also have pretty good stats. Fred Biletnikoff used to smoke a pack of cigarettes, throw up for 20 minutes, and then go out and shred every defense he faced. He had great numbers. Anquan Boldin literally took the field three weeks after a broken face. His numbers are pretty good too. But if badly-rated Player X has so much heart, why didn't he use it to maybe get a few more first downs last year?